Vox's Yglesias Gives Advice to 2020 Male Democrat Candidates: Delete Yourselves

April 26th, 2019 6:27 PM

Are you a male Democrat running for President of the United States? Well, the best thing you can do is withdraw from the race in favor of a woman thus proving you are worth voting for despite the fact you are no longer running.

That is the bizarre logic of Vox's Matthew Yglesias who made this claim on Twitter on Wednesday. Therefore Bernie Sanders would earn the support of Yglesias by dropping out of the race in favor of, say, Elizabeth Warren. At that point he woud qualify for Yglesias' vote despite it becoming absolutely worthless to him since he would not be running. 

Here is Yglesias' logic-free tweet making the case for electoral self-deletion by male candidates:

Of course, Yglesias was widely mocked for this suggestion that male candidates conveniently step aside for female candidates. Here is a sampling of the Twitter responses:



And if Matthew Yglesias were serious about his male feminist shtick he should resign from Vox in order to allow a woman to take his job. We're waiting, Matthew. Live by identity politics, lose your job by identity politics.