Republican Hating Harwood: Senate Might Vote to Convict in Trump Impeachment

December 16th, 2018 7:00 PM

Put this into the category of delusional thinking...

CNBC chief Washington Correspondent John Harwood with a well-known antipathy towards Republicans and President Donald Trump stated on Sunday on the MSNBC Weekends with Alex Witt that via what he claims he was told by a No Labels founder that it is possible that the Senate could convict Trump on impeachment charges. That would mean that even if every Democrat voted to convict, they would still need 20 Republicans to vote that way for the requisite two-thirds of the Senate.

Mark that up to a personal fantasy of Harwood especially considering and it is hard to imagine at worst arcane civil FEC violations not being laughed out of the Senate chamber as a reason to remove the President:

ALEX WITT: And you know, John, there's has been a lot of back and forth in the Democratic Party in what their priorities will be. The fact is they have to walk a fine line between working on the policies that got them back into leadership and then worrying about possible impeachment. How do they thread that needle?

JOHN HARWOOD: First of all it is pretty clear to everyone that Democrats are not going to be making a ton of policy because you’re not getting a whole lot of agreement between Democrats in the House and  Republicans in the Senate and this Republican White House. They will make messaging points using their legislative power but it’s not likely they will be making a lot of policy. Second thing is as we saw on our poll this morning, 55% of Americans say they support the idea of House oversite investigations of President Trump and his administration. I think they are not going to hold back on that front. I don’t think it is an either or question. And finally on the issue of impeachment, I do believe that Democratic leaders understand that is where it is headed but they don’t want to appear too eager for it. That's why they say wait for Mueller. Mueller seems to be accelerating the pace of actions in his investigation. So that's actually happening but I don't think the fervor for impeachment within the Democratic Party is going to be stoppable by Democratic leaders. I talked to Tom Davis a former head of the House Republican Campaign Committee. He says he thinks some Republicans will likely eventually join with Democrats in that front and that it's not impossible given what Mueller finds and how political circumstances detoriate that  it’s not out to have the question that a Senate could convict on impeachment charges. It is a heavy uphill task. It takes 20 Republican senators but we’ll have to see what Mueller lays down.

Yeah, good luck with finding even a single senator voting to convict, John. It's surprising that over-the-top partisan Harwood is even allowed to report on this since Wikileaks exposed him in 2016 for sending several e-mails to Hillary Clinton confidant John Podesta in which he heaped praise on her as well as giving a heads up on a favorable story he was writing about her. A complete lapse of ethics yet there he is now portraying a No Labels founder as having some sort of insight as to the mood of Republican senators.