Pantless Former Hillary Adviser Goes Berserk after TV Interview

November 28th, 2018 8:08 PM

Boxers or briefs?

In the case of former Hillary Clinton adviser Philippe Reines the question should be shorts or underpants? One just has to know in the wake of his meltdown Tuesday following his appearance on Trish Regan Primetime when he went berserk sans pants in the hallway of the Fox News studio.

Our friends at The Daily Caller describes the scene in which the bony-legged former Hillary adviser went on an unhinged rant in the Fox News hallway:

Philippe Reines, a former top adviser to Hillary Clinton, allegedly went on a pants-less, unhinged rant against a Trump campaign adviser at Fox News’ D.C. bureau on Tuesday night.

Harlan Hill, a member of the Trump 2020 advisory board, joined Reines for a segment on Fox Business Network about border wall funding and the General Motors layoffs.

Despite the relative tameness of the debate, Hill claimed Reines confronted him in the Fox bureau afterward “screaming like a maniac.”


Hill told The Daily Caller that Reines said, “You’re just as much of a jackass on TV as you are online” and that Hill needs to “stop hiding behind [FBN anchor Trish Regan’s] skirt.”

“We chirped back and forth, and he said, ‘You’re not half the debater you think you are.’ To which I said, ‘That’s probably the lamest, most D.C. diss I’ve ever heard,'” Hill told TheDC.

Reines allegedly followed Hill through the newsroom screaming, and Hill started snapping photos of Reines’ pants-less suit.

The first question that comes to mind is did Philippe Reines also go pantless while being interviewed on Fox Business as well as afterwards in the hallway? After a bit of digging by this space, I determined the answer to that was affirmative according to a tweet by Reines himself.


Okay, so was he wearing shorts or was Reines in his underpants? That still hasn't been determined but there are large photos of him and his bony legs walking around in the Fox News studio hallway over at the Daily Caller's site so you can perform your own analysis. Perhaps Reines himself could solve that mystery for us as well as explain why it was also necessary to not wear socks. Was it because he wanted to expose as much of his pale bony legs as possible?

We have already seen that the 2016 election hit Hillary supporters pretty hard. For example, former Deputy National Security Adviser Ben Rhodes was rendered speechless so is it so unusual that Reines has been so adversely affected by that election that he has gone pantless?