Radio Host: Where Is Media Coverage of 'Purged' Georgia Voters?

November 20th, 2018 12:11 PM

Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams stated on Friday in her near concession speech that the winner, Brian Kemp, owed his victory "on the suppression of the people’s democratic right to vote." As we have seen, this talking point was taken up by Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown who, along with many of his fellow liberals, claimed that Georgia election was "stolen." In addition, that talking point has gone pretty much unchallenged by most of the mainstream media.

As a result of the latter, the Steve Kane Radio Show co-host, Brian Craig, made an interesting observation on Monday while taking a call from a liberal who took up that voter suppression meme: if so many Georgia voters were unfairly purged, then where are they and why has there been no media interviews with them?

The caller who identified himself as Steve from Missouri called in to the WWNN studio located in infamous Broward County Florida complaining about the massive voter "purge" in Georgia:

STEVE FROM MISSOURI: Steve, I'm calling from Missouri. When you look at the Georgia race which was probably out of all the races in this country was probably the most controversial. I understand Abrams why she was a little bit bitter in losing this race. Do you think the purging that Kemp and other Republicans have done over the last six years could have affected the race?

BRIAN CRAIG: Be a little more specific. When you say "purged," who was removed from the voter rolls?

STEVE: Something that has never happened in the country. No state has ever done this. Between 2012 and 2016 over a million voters were purged.

CRAIG: Okay, purged. Why were these million people removed from the voter rolls? You say "purged." Purged is what Stalin used to do in sending people to Siberia or something. Why were people removed from the voter rolls?

Okay, time to put this whole "purge" thing into perspective. Jay Caruso, editorial writer at the Dallas News, explains about the "horror" of being purged from the voter rolls:


 Brian Craig then got to the crux of the matter, namely if there were so many voters unfairly purged in Georgia, where are they and why have there been no interviews with them in the media?

CRAIG: Well, there was something I didn't see. You say a million. That's a lot of people. What I have not seen on television, and I watch the news. I watch CNN, I watch MSNBC, the liberal allies of the Democrat party. I have not seen, certainly not a million, thousands, or even hundreds of people lined up who said "I am legally eligible to vote and I could not in Georgia." I have not seen large numbers of these people. Why not? You say there's a million. That's a city of people. Why are we not seeing a million people on CNN saying "I tried to vote and was not allowed?"

Exactly. Where are all these people who were supposedly denied their right to vote? And why have they not appeared on television? Oh, and if Sherrod Brown hits the presidential campaign trail along with dozens of his fellow Democrats, will the press challenge him to produce proof of his claim of a "stolen" Georgia election via voter suppression or will they back down as Chuck Todd did on Sunday if he squawks about "false equivalency" again?

Be sure to watch the entire clip since Brian Craig goes into quite a bit of detail on the liberal talking point myth of voter suppression in Georgia.