Even Trevor Noah Mocks Brenda Snipes' Job Performance

November 14th, 2018 8:07 PM

Although he was careful to lead off by claiming that "nobody is stealing the election," even Trevor Noah, host of Comedy Central's Daily Show, mocked in an entertaining way the job performance of Broward County Supervisor of Elections, Brenda Snipes. Noah's biting commentary on Tuesday stands in sharp contrast to many Democrats who for political reasons prefer to remain mum on the subject of Snipes:



TREVOR NOAH: Nobody is stealing the election but that doesn’t mean Florida doesn’t have big issues wits voting. All over Florida the elections have been a clusterf---. And everyone is contributing to it starting with Brenda Snipes. She is the election commissioner in Broward county, who has been doing a great job of screwing up people’s votes.

NARRATOR #1: Dr. Brenda snipes is feeling heat from all sides. Her office sent out this sample ballot which looks nothing like the actual ballot and the actual ballot had the U.S. Senate race tucked under the instructions on the left side which could be why roughly 25,000 voters left the pivotal race blank.

And a certain humble NewsBusters correspondent who voted in Broward County can testify that you really had to search for that Senate race on the ballot. One could almost suspect that Broward County wanted to give priority to the governor's race by headlining it (click "expand"):

NARRATOR #2: She counted 22 provisional ballots that had already been rejected.

REPORTER: Have there been mistakes?

BRENDA SNIPES: Uh, there have been issues that did not go the way we wanted.

NOAH: Uh... That was the pause of a woman who was mentally going through a thesaurus trying to find a word for mistake that wouldn’t get her fired. Uh, there have been blunders, gaffs, boo-boos — But thanks to Brenda snipes, 25,000 voters didn’t even knot the Florida Senate race on their ballots. And remember, the margin is signature at 12,000 votes, so this would have changed it. So Brenda’s screwup has definitely affected Florida's Senate results. But I will say even if the Senate ballot was in a weird place on a form, how as a voter are you leaving that voting booth without voting for the main thing? What kind of person doesn’t check their voting form? When I go to Olive Garden, I flip over the menu just to make sure I didn’t miss anything — oh, yeah, and the bread sticks, also. The Senate race is the most important race and yet thousands of people voted for everything else. Agriculture minister, yeah, yeah, and just left out Senate? I mean, I sort of understand because, like one time, my grandfather sent me to pharmacy to get his insulin and I came back with shampoo, gum, “People” magazine, and he said where’s my insulin? I said, I forgot there was one more thing. Then he died. We laughed. It’s a joke. He didn’t die because of that. That was a joke. He died because of the shampoo. He was allergic.

Hmm...Will Trevor on a future show also mock the Democrats for wanting to retroactively change Florida election laws to suit them? He might find comedy material in this article from the November 13 Tampa Bay Times:

Sen. Bill Nelson or the Democrats filed three new actions in federal court in Tallahassee Tuesday in addition to an earlier suit that seeks to invalidate a state law that voids mail ballots with signature matching problems.

One new lawsuit seeks to extend statewide machine and manual recounts beyond the "extraordinarily compressed" deadlines of Nov. 15 and Nov. 18.