Donny Deutsch Implies Trump Will Order Military Coup if He Loses in 2020

November 13th, 2018 8:02 PM

"Let the record show at 4:01pm on October 7th, this election ended – when this Washington Post story broke." ---Donny Deutsch, 2016.

As we have seen, Donny Deutsch has had a somewhat less than spectacular record when predicting on the subject of President Donald Trump. In fact, his predictions have often been spectacularly wrong.

Deutsch's latest prediction on Trump was delivered on Monday's Morning Joe. In response to co-host Joe Scarborough's observation that Trump must already know he is going to lose re-election in 2020, Deutsch upped the ante on silliness by suggesting that if Trump does lose, he will stage a military coup:



DONNY DEUTSCH: Imagine two years from now and that we will have a close election and let's say a Democrat wins. We've watched this man, Donald Trump. Donald Trump will come out and say, he was already teeing it up in 2016, "No, no, this is wrong to my 50 million people. Take to the streets. These ballots are wrong. The sky is not blue. The sky is green. That will be our biggest constitutional crises...

JOE SCARBOROUGH: But Donny, let me cut you off really quickly here and ask you this question. You know Donald Trump really well. Do you really think that as things get worse and worse for him that he is going to put himself on the ballot in 2020 knowing he is going to lose? Because for all of his failures he's got to know he is going to lose. Things are going badly.

The economy is booming. The nuclear threat from North Korea has been lowered. A new NAFTA agreement has been renegotiated. Yeah Joe, things are going so badly that a Democrat president would have already been throwing victory parties with those accomplishments:

DEUTSCH: I think he will be disqualified before. But in the sad event he does run and he does lose which will be a happy event, it will be stunning what we would see. He would be a president going, I’m not leaving. I’m not leaving. Call the military. We have to look at this man. He really would do that. He would say, no, no, no. I’m still here. And even if they carried him out, he would turn to 50 million Americans and say I’m still your president and this is my new government. This is what we’re dealing with here, kids.

This is what we are dealing with here, kids. Extreme Trump Derangement Syndrome from a spectacularly failed prognosticator.