Mika Math: 2018 Blue Wave Not Less Than 2010 Red Wave

November 12th, 2018 9:37 AM

Here is a math question that even most Common Core students could easiliy answer: Which is a greater number, 40 or 63? The answer is all too obvious...unless you have a political agenda. And one such person is Morning Joe's Mika Brzezinski.

Her Mika math was on full display on November 12 when she angrily asserted that it is "laughable" that the 2018 Democrat House seat gain of up to 40 seats is not as bad as the 63 seat GOP gain in 2010 during the Barack Obama administration. Watch Mika pretending four fingers is the same as five, or rather that 40 is no less than 63:

And the question is, this is the brand that he really wants to build. It might be. We’ll get to Donny on that, but first, Donnie, look at these results. Nearly a week later and we’re still getting a look at results in the House. At least 35 incoming House members are women, breaking the record of 24 set in 1992. And the total of at least 101 female members will be the largest number in history. And as Dave Wasserman notes, Republicans are on track to lose nearly half of their 23 women in the House. There could be just 13 in the next Congress. Republicans currently are ahead in only ten of California’s 53 congressional districts and falling further behind in the still undecided races like 15-term Republican Dana Rohrabacher now 4 points behind his challenger, and a shrinking lead for Congresswoman Mimi Walters in California’s 45th district, down to just one point with a difference of about 2,000 votes.

And now Mika cites math genius Amy Walter for validation of her Mika math:

The Cook Political Report’s Amy Walter tweeted, ‘Republicans had a huge structural advantage going into 2018. The fact that Dems may net 40 seats is a rout. This argument that it’s not as bad as Obama’s 63 seat loss in 2010 is laughable.’ Joe, I’ll let you take it to Donnie. It is laughable at this point. They’re saying something that’s completely untrue and laughable.

63 is greater than 40? What an absurd concept! Completely untrue and laughable. Will we next find out that Up is the opposite of Down except on Planet Mika where it is three miles east of Philadelphia?