Facts First? CNN Political Commentator Calls Migrant Caravan 'Imaginary'

October 30th, 2018 8:53 PM

Did you know the migrant caravan of thousands moving up from Central America through Mexico towards the American border doesn't exist? Well, if you believe the "facts first" CNN, that must be the case. You see, its political commentator Errol Louis declared on Tuesday morning's CNN Newsroom that the caravan was "imaginary."

Let us watch Louis wave his verbal magic wand that made the caravan non-existent.



JIM SCIUTTO: So Errol Louis, this is part of a broader strategy of course here, focus on the caravan discussion of a whole host of immigration issues, deployment of troops, et cetera. Largely aimed, you would say, at his base, but attempting, I would imagine to grow the audience that is concerned about that and sees that as a primary threat. From your point of view, whether you think is right, do you believe that, that is working for him?

ERROL LOUIS: Well, I assume with all politicians that, you know, what they're doing is happening for a reason. And they've done some internal polling or they have sort of a sense of who their electorate is, and that they're trying to draw out. And that's what it is. It's rational. I mean, it's ugly, it's untrue, it's -- I think it's harmful to the public debate.

You know, once in a while, and Harry knows here and there, you find that -- it's almost like a unicorn. You find a house Republican who is actually running on the economy and on the tax cuts that they pass. You know, which is supposed to be a good news story. You know, other than the last few weeks, the economy has actually been humming along.Questions about whether or not it's been financed in the right way and who is going to get the benefits of it...


LOUIS: But they haven't been running on that. They've been running on an imaginary caravan, false charges against the black candidate in Florida.

So not only did Errol Louis declare the caravan to be "imaginary," but co-hosts Jim Sciutto and Poppy Harlow just let that absurdity pass without objection. Perhaps they also think it is an imaginary caravan composed of the unicorns that were referenced.

Yet another glaring example of fake news from CNN.