Kansas City Star Biased Opinion on MO Senate Debate Disguised as News Report

October 22nd, 2018 9:36 AM

Call it a highly biased opinion hit piece disguised as a news report in the October 19 Kansas City Star. In fact, your humble correspondent had to check the home page of that periodical to make sure it wasn't listed as "Opinion" but, no, it was listed under their "Latest News" section.

I am referring to the article (really opinion hit piece) about the October 18 Senate debate in Missouri between incumbent Claire McCaskill and challenger Josh Hawley written by a reporter with a looooong history of over-the-top liberal bias, Melinda Henneberger. Her blatant bias becomes all too evident by the second paragraph of her article/OPINION, "If getting under McCaskill’s skin was Hawley’s goal, then he won St. Louis debate."

ST. LOUIS — Missouri Republican Senate nominee Josh Hawley smiled as he went after Democratic Sen. Claire McCaskill, and he smiled a lot at Thursday night’s debate.

Much of what he accused her of wasn’t true, but his attacks were so nonstop that she gave up on answering all of them — we’d be there still — and spent much of the evening on the defensive anyway.

Henneberger's all too obvious antipathy towards Hawley is only getting started as we shall see:

While many in his party may have loved his fact-challenged but cheerful pugilism at the second debate in one of the country’s tightest U.S. Senate races, those in the audience whom I grabbed on their way out did not.

Conveniently, those she "grabbed on their way out" echoed the reporter's disdain for Hawley.

Several readers in the comments section of this article mocked the obvious bias of what is supposed to be a news article. At least those comments were there earlier this morning. When I checked back later all comments had been purged by the Kansas City Star and sent down the memory hole. Apparently that trick worked, right? Now the world will never know about this biased opinion hit piece laughably trying to pass itself off as a news story.