Jane Fonda on Trump: 'I Believe He Suffers From PTSD'

October 22nd, 2018 11:33 AM

A failure to elect a Democrat majority in Congress in a couple of weeks could drive leftwing actress Jane Fonda insane. Who is the source for this information? Jane Fonda herself in the October 20 Hollywood Reporter. The ironic thing is that in the same article, Fonda accuses President Donald Trump of having PTSD.

First let us look at Fonda's claim that Trump has PTSD followed by an examination of who probably does really suffer from it in "Jane Fonda: 'Midterms Are the Most Important Elections of My Lifetime'."

...She also discussed her film Coming Home, the 1978 Vietnam veteran movie co-starring Jon Voight, and said that the diagnosis of PTSD didn't exist then, adding that she believes President Trump suffers from the mental illness.

“I believe he suffers from PTSD because like many men he was, I believe, brutalized by his father when he was very, very young,” Fonda said. “And some men … lose empathy for others [and] also totally lack empathy. And he has been very brutal with his own sons. Father son, father son, it's very sad. I hate this. I have empathy for him, it's difficult, I try, I work at it.

Well, let us look at one of the symptoms of PTSD listed by Mental Health America.

Panic attacks: a feeling of intense fear, with shortness of breath, dizziness, sweating, nausea and racing heart.

And now for Fonda's own testimony on how she suffers from this symptom of PTSD:

“The elections on Nov. 6 are the most important elections of my lifetime. So much depends on what happens,” said the actress. “It's hard for me to breathe right now.” Fonda was on hand at Cannes head Thierry Fremaux's hometown film festival to receive a career honor and to promote HBO's Jane Fonda in Five Acts, but couldn't help but talk about President Donald Trump.

Yup. Poor Jane most definitely seems to suffer from PTSD with her shortness of breath and intense fear of Republicans maintaining control of Congress. EMT personnel should be advised to come equipped with a heavy duty breathing machine if Ms. Fonda suffers from a PTSD attack on election day.