Elizabeth Warren Reacts to Genetic Test Mockery with Odd Tweetstorm, Media Mum

Just plain nuts!

That is the conclusion that many mental health professionals might come to after observing the absolutely bizarre tweetstorm Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren posted on Twitter on Monday in the wake of the release of her genetic test results which "suggests" that she might possibly be 1/1024th South American. Perhaps instigated by the backfire mockery resulting from her test by President Donald Trump in particular and the public in general, Warren posted a tweetstorm of 28 tweets on October 15 from 5:59 P.M. until 7:17 P.M.. 

That works out to more than one tweet every 3 minutes during a 78 minute period while Warren was in the throes of reacting to Trump's mockery of her tiny tiny bit of possible South American ancestry being desperately passed off as Native American ancestry. Her tweetstorm kicked off in response to Trump who we can see inhabits her mind in a very prominent position:


That Donald Trump is trying to get under my 1/1024th Native American skin but it won't work, I tell ya! And I'll keep telling you this with another 27 urgent tweets for the next 78 minutes!


I'm the authentic one! Not Donald Trump who is inauthentically living in my mind 24/7! Hee Hee! Ha! Ha! Hoo! Hoo!




OOOH! OOOH! OOOH! That Donald Trump! He..he makes me so mad I can barely think... But I have no problem tweeting up a storm.


You have to wonder at this point, after 40 minutes of Trump-obsessed tweeting, whether Warren's staffers are aware of her mad tweetstorm and, if so, are pondering a much needed intervention.


Hear my desperate plea for help in the form of uncontrollable tweeting!!!


And I bet he wears shoe lifts to make himself feel bigger! Nah-nah nah-nah!


You..you turned me into a laughingstock by mocking my gene test but you wait! On November 6 we're gonna get you!


You tried to drive me crazy by calling me Pocahontas but it didn't work! See, I'm completely SAAAAANE!!! Ha! Ha! Hoo! Hoo!



Everybody can clearly see that I am maybe 1/1024th Native American. So take that Donald Trump you big bully!


Yeah, keep insulting me Donald Trump because it doesn't bother me one bit! You hear me! I will be too busy building pride and hope around the country to be bothered by your lousy, stinkin' insults!!!


And that was the 28th and final tweet of Warren's 78 minute long mad tweetstorm. One has to wonder if her concerned staff had to break down her door to tear her hands away from the keyboard to attain this tweetstorm termination.

Although Brian Craig, co-host of the Steve Kane Radio show, entertained his listeners on Tuesday morning with a review of Warren's tweetstorm meltdown, will the mainstream media also cover her deranged outburst on Twitter? So far, there's no sign of it. 

Exit question: Will the official song of the Elizabeth Warren 2020 presidential campaign be They're Coming to Take Me Away?

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