CNN's Jim Sciutto: Kavanaugh Being Accused of Gang Rape Is Just Politics

October 5th, 2018 8:08 PM

So what's the big deal? Brett Kavanaugh was accused of being involved in gang rape but why does he have to act so upset about that? I mean, that accusation was just politics.

Who would make such absurd analysis? Well, a good bet would be a CNN anchor, specifically Jim Sciutto because that's what he did on Thursday's Newsroom when analyzing Kavanaugh's understandably angry reaction to being accused of gang rape.

SCOTT JENNINGS: Well, I think his temperament is best judged by his 12 years on the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals. This guy has been getting up and going to work every day as a federal judge. That's where you should judge his temperament.

Now to these law professors who signed this letter, I wonder how they would react if somebody showed up on their campus and ran a three-week or four-week campaign to call them a rapist, a gang rapist, a drunken, you know, no account whatever. I don't think they would react very well. I wonder what their temperament would have been. To be honest with you, I think Judge Kavanaugh reacted exactly the way most Americans would react to being smeared...

JIM SCIUTTO: Wait, Scott. I've got to challenge that, Scott.

JENNINGS: No, no, no. If somebody said those things about me...

SCIUTTO: Because this has become a talking point...

JENNINGS: I think I would ask somebody to step outside. This is outrageous.

Becoming outraged over being falsely accused of gang rape is a "talking point," Jim?

SCIUTTO: Here's the difference, Scott. This is a person running for a lifetime -- not running but being considered for a lifetime position.


SCIUTTO: The fact is, this is Washington. This is politics. But political candidates have been accused of horrible things for years and it becomes...

Come on, this is just politics. Being accused of gang rape is no biggie so no reason to become overly outraged by that charge. And if you do become upset by that false charge that means you lack the temperament to be on the Supreme Court according to Jim Scuitto who most likely would completely freak out if he faced a similar false charge.