CNN Contributor: 'How to Prepare for Ex-President Trump'

Although President Donald Trump has been in office for less that two years, many of those afflicted with extreme Trump Derangement Syndrome are already fantasizing about his exit from office. Among those is Georgetown University law professor Joshua A. Geltzer, whose TDS fantasy about Trump's departure is notable for the fact that it is coated in several thick layers of unadulterated smug. 

Geltzer even suggested something of a journolist consortium to act in tandem to toss any news about Trump down a collective memory hole after his future departure in his CNN guest column, "How to prepare for ex-President Trump":

Someday, Donald Trump will become ex-President Trump. After a guilty plea from his longtime "fixer," Michael Cohen, alleging that Trump directed the commission of federal crimes, perhaps that day will arrive sooner rather than later. But whether it's a week, 18 months or more than six years away, we need to start preparing now. That's because, for all of the threat to our democracy Trump poses as president, he may pose an even bigger one as an ex-president.

I hate to break it to you, Josh, but that day will arrive much later than you could possibly tolerate. Although you still won't find it at CNN, the story about Michael Cohen claiming that Donald Trump knew in advance about the Trump Tower meeting has been shot down by the very perpetrator of that fake news, Lanny Davis:

No one knows how Trump will leave the Oval Office. Maybe he'll resign. Maybe he'll be impeached. Maybe he'll be voted out in November 2020 -- or maybe he'll leave at the end of two terms in January 2025.

Long before that latter even happens, you will probably be rendered into TDS incoherence. You already seem to be well along on that road:

But, however he becomes an ex-president, it's impossible to imagine Trump following in Richard Nixon's post-presidency footsteps -- ones that literally traversed empty beaches in a solitary existence. Whether Trump leaves of his own accord after eight years or is abruptly cast out by a vote of the Senate or Electoral College, he is not one to go quietly into the night.

Here's more of his nonsense:

So imagine ex-President Trump tweeting out real-time commentary on every move his successor makes. Imagine him continuing to fire up crowds at the campaign-style rallies he hasn't stopped doing even as a sitting president. Imagine him starting his own news media empire -- just as he apparently planned to do if he lost in 2016. He will be loud.

Imagine him continuing to strip TDS types of their infernal smugness to the point they turn into raving moonbats posting realty-challenged fantasies about the departure of Trump:

Now imagine what Trump will be without White House advisers surrounding him and at least trying to rein him in. Imagine how he might cast doubt on election results, especially ones that have landed him out of office. Imagine how he might seek to rally support wherever he can find it, even among the most extreme voices in our society. Imagine what he might accuse a successor of doing -- especially one who's just beaten him -- given what Trump has said about a predecessor against whom he didn't even run and who went out of his way to be cordial in the transition between them.

Gee, I wonder where Joshua Geltzer stands on the shadow banning of conservatives by social media:

Our nation's thought leaders need to develop and agree to principles now to mitigate the looming threat posed by ex-President Trump. One might apply to the next president, whether Democratic or Republican: Simply do not engage with ex-President Trump, no matter how vicious his attacks become; isolate him by ignoring him.

Paging the Liberal Hive Journolist thought leaders! Please toss Trump's future comments down the memory hole. Failure to do so will constitute a Thought Crime.

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