Jon Meacham Suggests Trump Committed Treason at Helsinki Summit

July 17th, 2018 6:16 PM

Impeachment seems to be on the mind of liberal historian Jon Meacham lately. In May, Meacham predicted that a newly elected Democrat House will impeach President Donald Trump as a "season finale." Meacham's I-word obsession returned to Meacham on Tuesday's Morning Joe when he suggested that Trump somehow committed treason at the Helsinki Summit with Russian President Vladimir Putin. 

Meacham, with unintentional irony, cited former CIA Director John Brennan, who admittedly voted for a Communist candidate for president during the height of the Cold War, for making his treason case [emphasis mine]:

Well, there are a couple of thoughts here. One is, if for some reason Putin in his neo-czarist, neo-Soviet way wants to say, take the Baltic states back, which they lost in ‘90-91, at that point after — given again, not just yesterday but go back four, five days. Given the way the President talked about NATO, does the President refuse to project power under Article 5, thereby shattering the Western alliance, not just because of what he talked about or is talking to Erdogan on the photo op. We’re talking about a serious question of actual failure to live up to our treaty obligations. That is a hyperbolic point to make.

Yeah, President Trump wants the other NATO countries to pay their fair share. Horror of horrors! Impeach now [emphasis mine]:

I didn’t think, in all of the madness in the last three years or so, since the escalator, that I would be saying that, because I always thought, for a long time I have thought that we were hyperventilating a bit about the Russia connection. I now don’t think so. And the only thing — and the other seemingly hyperbolic, but now totally data-driven point I would make is that when John Brennan made that statement yesterday about it meets the definition of high crimes and misdemeanors, with all respect, I would say actually the definition it meets is the first word of the impeachment article in the Constitution, which is, treason, bribery and high crimes and misdemeanors. Has the President of the United States now in a sufficient way shown that he’s giving aid and comfort to an enemy? And that’s the question that the Congress of the United States, without looking at their polls, without getting their briefings about what their base thinks, they actually have to, at this point, live up to an oath that they took.

As to Trump supposedly giving aid and comfort to an enemy which Meacham believes is Russia, how does he square that charge with Trump's criticism of Germany's natural gas pipeline from Russia which increases their dependence on that nation?

The real crime committed by Donald Trump is that he won the 2016 election which is why Meacham and his fellow sore loser leftists are pushing the impeachment solution to rectify that unforgiveable offense in their eyes.