Jake Tapper and Ellen DeGeneres Discuss Life Under Trump as 'Crazy' and 'Scary'

April 25th, 2018 5:41 PM

Jake Tapper appeared on the Ellen show on Tuesday and guess what the main topic of discussion was? Do I really need to spell it out? Unless you have been in a state of hibernation for the past few years then you definitely know they talked about the one who lives rent-free in the minds of liberals -- President Donald Trump. Tapper was obviously irked by Trump bringing up the subject of fake news. 



ELLEN DEGENERES: So what's happening? I mean have you ever seen anything like what is happening right now?

JAKE TAPPER: No, it's crazy. 

DEGENERES: Yes, and scary. 

TAPPER: It can be scary. I do have a lot of faith in American institutions of checks and balances of checks and balances. And the fact is, you know, the free press still thrives. And we're still able to say what we want to say. And there is the judicial branch and the legislative branch. But, yeah. It's very odd. We've never had a president talk and act this way. We never had a direct line from the id of a president's brain out to the world as we do through the Twitter machine and President Trump. 

How is it noteworthy that we still have checks and balances? Like we were guaranteed a fascist takeover by Trump,  complete with martial law?  Nevertheless the laughable liberal scenario of those outcomes continues to remain a narrative among the left, so perhaps they still await the cancellation of the midterm elections.

DEGENERES: Right. And the fact that he is attacking the free press which is a very dangerous thing. And he attacks CNN. Does that bother you that he attacks CNN all the time? Calling it fake news. 

TAPPER: It doesn't bother me. I mean, it bothers me when he attacks the media over and over and over again. And he seems to use the term "fake news" almost exclusively to mean, "news that is true, but I don't like."

Or maybe he uses the term fake news to mean news that is fake. Want some fake news examples, Jake? Let us pull up some recent CNN fake news examples from the vast NewsBusters archives.


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Finally, Jake Tapper suggests that Trump has lost his nickname mojo.

DEGENERES: I was going to say, he doesn't really personally go after you because you don't have a nickname yet because when you have a nickname is when you're really the target.

TAPPER: I'll be honest. President Trump has a lot of skills, and I used to think his branding skill was amazing. Little Marco or Lyin' Ted, Low Energy Jeb, Crooked Hillary.He's kind of lost his mojo on the nickname front.

He tried to do it with Comey. And he's been trying out all these different nicknames. He had Lyin' Comey. That didn't seem to work. Liar and a Leaker Comey, Slippery Comey, Slime Ball -- first Slime Ball, two different words, then Slimeball, one word. He is clearly trying new material, as one does, and it hasn't really caught on.

I don't know if he's just so ensconced in the White House he's lost his ability to do it but no, he has not come up with a good nickname for me yet.

How about Frownin' Jake? Almost every time Tapper refers to Trump a frown breaks out on his face which is highlighted by two frown lines radiating from between his eyebrows.

Is Tapper, who is often honored by the press as a "staunch defender of facts," arguing that CNN never gets it wrong? Or that CNN's favorite political operatives have never leaked and then lied about being a leaker?