Comedians Mock CNN Analyst's Deranged (and Racial) Trump Rants

February 5th, 2018 5:30 AM

Sometimes when someone seems to be ready for commitment to the Funny Farm he can be unintentionally...funny. 

Such is apparently the case with CNN's counterterrorism analyst Philip Mudd whose attitude since the election of President Donald Trump resides somewhere between deranged and unhinged. An example was last August when Mudd ranted out loud in reference to Trump that "government is going to kill this guy." Last month on the heels of the "s***hole countries" controversy, Mudd embarked on a series of deranged racial rantings including screeching the n-word in front of host Don Lemon not once but twice. Little did Mudd realize at the time that his unhinged antics would end up as the butt of mockery by comedians Desus and Mero as you can see in the following video in which his rantings were labeled with the title of "Philip Mudd's Racial Slur Almanac."



A few comments from YouTube viewers about Mudd's sad derangement:

Mr Mudd is REALLY comfortable using that N word. Questionable.

Phil really took advantage of this racial slur opportunity

I think his entire diatribe was a setup for him to gain license to drop the N word. Some white folks do want to say that word so badly that they would go to this much trouble.

In case you think Mudd has gone mellow since his rantings from last month, the following tweet should disabuse you of that notion.