Cindy Adams: Nobody Saw Melania Trump Crying on Election Night

January 8th, 2018 8:39 PM

Yet more evidence that Michael Wolff's "Fire and Fury" book is a work of fiction comes to us by way of Cindy Adams, the long time columnist for the New York Post's Page Six. In contrast to Wolff's claim that Melania Trump cried on Election Night 2016, her Monday column states that she was with the Donald Trump family on Election Night and definitely did not see any such tears. In addition, nobody else Adams was with that night saw any Melania tears:

A word about literature’s latest anti-Trump bark.

Some of us around Donald the very night he was elected have just called one another. I stood alongside him at his headquarters office beginning 9 p.m. as election returns were coming in. His other side, Mike Pence. Flanking me, Chris Christie. Donald’s family stood directly behind.

Other friends accompanied him later in those early morning hours when he made his acceptance speech at a hotel.

None of us — none — not one, not any of us — ever saw — as this bark contends — Melania “crying” and “upset.” This lady’s very smart. Savvy.

Were she teary — which she wasn’t — it’d have been either from excitement or if her hairdresser was late.

None of us — not one of us — not a single one of us — recall Melania crying. And we’ve phoned one another to confirm.

She was always supportive. She gave the race her imprimatur. Melania’s smart. Savvy. And sharper than whoever fed this author his dog bowl.

As more and more of Wolff's claims are checked out they seem to shot down one by one. However, that probably won't matter for many liberals who are over the top anti-Trump. They emotionally need for Wolff's book to be true so even reporters who have cast aspersions upon the veracity Wolff's book such as Maggie Haberman of the New York Times have a way of rationalizing it as you can see in her tweet:


See, Wolff's fantasies don't have to really be true. They just need to be "notionally accurate" to satisfy liberals. So would Melania crying on Election Night even if not true still qualify as being "notionally accurate?"