Angry Esquire Writer Furious That Trump Has Been 'Normalized'

December 6th, 2017 2:11 PM

Although most of the mainstream media are reluctant to concede that President Donald Trump has been on a win streak lately, we have confirmation of this from a rather unlikely source: Charles Pierce of Esquire magazine. The politics section writer has been in a perpetual state of rage ever since the 2016 election. There are five stages of grief but Pierce skipped most of them to go directly from anger until he now seems to have reached the stage of acceptance in which he very grudgingly concedes that Trump has been "normalized" by winning a series of victories recently in President* Trump's Normalization Is Complete:

Roy Moore, the travel ban, and a retrograde tax bill are all going ahead as planned.

...There is one underlying theme in all these developments—namely, that the controlling powers of the national government are growing accustomed, if not entirely comfortable, living under the erratic rule of a half-mad president*. The Supreme Court gives him what he wants on his ban. The Congress is giving him what he wants with the national economy; the only real debate is how cruel and retrograde the legislation will be. Fighter jets are being rattled at North Korea. Robert Mueller's investigation is being publicly clogged by weird tales out of the FBI and by pure presidential bluster. And, as soon as the president* threw his support behind the Gadsden Mall Creeper, his party did the same.


There has been a lot of talk about how dangerous it is to “normalize” a president* like the one we have at present. This is what normalizing him looks like. The process, which was never really in doubt, is complete.

Pierce calls it "normalizing" which also means liberals being unhappy.