PC Gone Crazy: Newspaper Reports on Adult Infant vs Women's Rights

Imagine if a newspaper reporter from fifty years ago were granted a wish to see just one news story from our era. The reporter might get a bit depressed if the article he saw was about how the internet caused the steep decline in newspaper circulations. However, imagine if instead he saw this report from the Globe and Mail of Canada about the rights of an adult infant vs women's rights in a university.

The reporter of fifty years ago would find it almost impossible to comprehend just how crazy our current times have become. He would have read things that made no real sense to him such as a school having something called a "director of human rights and workplace safety." His sense of disorientation would only increase when reading about an adult infant attending college classes and demanding the right to wear a soother around his neck, talking in a baby voice, and submitting to the instructor photos of himself wearing a diaper. What might have struck him as the most strange thing of all would be how the Globe and Mail was very careful to report this with straight faced seriousness in Former administrator leads sexual harassment complaint against B.C. university:

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Vancouver Island University is facing a human-rights complaint that it failed to protect female staff who said they were being sexually harassed by a student who engaged in fetishistic behaviour in and out of the classroom.

The complaint is led by the school's former director of human rights and workplace safety, who says she was fired because she continued to investigate the matter that pitted the rights of employees against a student who argued his behaviour was a condition that needed to be accommodated.

Internal e-mails obtained by The Globe and Mail, as well as interviews, other documents and a formal complaint filed with B.C.'s Human Rights Tribunal outline allegations that the student wished to be treated like an infant, wearing a soother around his neck, talking in a baby voice and submitting an assignment that included a photo of him in a diaper.

So comforting to know that the Globe and Mail has their investigative team diligently working on this significant matter.

Katrin Roth, a former Crown prosecutor in Alberta who in 2013 was named Vancouver Island University's director of human rights, filed the human-rights complaint this past July on behalf of women at the school. B.C.'s Human Rights Tribunal ruled the complaint could potentially proceed, but the initial filing was too broad. Ms. Roth has until the end of November to submit an amended version.

Ms. Roth alleges the student sexually harassed at least half a dozen women at two of the university's campuses over approximately a two-year period, starting around 2015. She said the school failed to take quick or meaningful action.

"Steps must be taken in a timely manner and they have to be effective," she said in an interview.

Ms. Roth added: "There is no law in Canada that I know of, either in legislation, in policy, in human-rights case law jurisprudence, that would require women to endure or tolerate having a male impose his sexual fetish on them. That's unreasonable."

When women's right vs adult infant fetish rights clash in an overly PC environment, laughter ensues.

Janis Ledwell-Hunt, an English professor at Vancouver Island University and chair of its women's studies program, said she first met the student in 2015 when she was teaching a literature course.

"Since meeting him, I second-guess everything I do in a classroom, in and around communicating with students," she wrote in a document prepared to assist with the amended human-rights complaint. Prof. Ledwell-Hunt detailed her exchanges with the student, stating that he e-mailed her more often than other students tend to, but she initially believed it was well-intended. However, she said his behaviour turned "odd."

She said the student would regularly stare at her chest and bring in children's books for her to read aloud. She said he began wearing a soother around his neck and once denied a request from her by answering in a baby voice.

Prof. Ledwell-Hunt said the student would ask her to take walks and once remarked he'd seen her ride away from school on her motorcycle. She believed he was letting her know he was watching her.

The student submitted the photo of himself in a diaper as part of a brief essay. Prof. Ledwell-Hunt believed he was attempting to have her play a role in his fantasies, she wrote in the document assisting the human-rights complaint.

The professor said she grew fearful of the student on campus and began compulsively checking the locks at home. She said she even altered her appearance, cutting her hair very short so others would be less inclined to view her as maternal.

When she reported the student's conduct to a university official, Prof. Ledwell-Hunt said she was told the behaviour could amount to sexual harassment. However, she said the official told her to grade the assignment containing the diaper photo nonetheless.

Prof. Ledwell-Hunt said the university official later told her the student was threatening to file a human-rights complaint and was arguing he was being "discriminated against on the basis of his exceptionality." The official said the student also suggested he had a disability but did not immediately provide additional evidence, according to the e-mails obtained by The Globe.

Okay, this sounds like a definite case of an adult pervert trying to justify his bizarre behavior towards women by pretending to be an infant. A no-brainer, right?

Ms. Roth said the school had an obligation to protect women on campus, no matter what the situation. When she attempted to investigate the matter, she alleges she was obstructed by other university employees.

She was fired from her position in January and wrote in the sexual-harassment complaint her dismissal was "in retaliation for seeking evidence and endeavouring to support the female survivors by advising them of their right to file a human-rights complaint."

Wait, WHAT? The school's human rights and workplace safety director was fired merely for investigating this matter? Well, at least she now gets to file a sexual harassment complaint over being fired for investigating the adult infant.

Okay, if my head already hurts from reading about these conflicting human rights, imagine what the poor reporter from fifty years ago would have been thinking...if he understood even a small part of what was going on. However, just to prove that not every news outlet North of the Border has gone completely PC crazy, we have this analysis putting it all into proper perspective from Ezra Levant of Rebel Media:

Yeah, he's right..... CRAZY!!! 

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