Vanity Fair Notices that Democrats Are Collapsing

October 23rd, 2017 2:04 PM

Almost from the moment that Donald Trump announced his candidacy for president in 2015, we have been hearing a familiar cacophony from the mainstream media: "The Republicans are in disarray." Even after Trump won the presidency, they have maintained that familiar refrain until the present time. Well, in contrast to that constant theme from the MSM, today's Vanity Fair has suddenly noticed that it is the Democrats who are in a state of collapse.

Writer Tina Nguyen took note of the purge last week of Sandernistas by DNC Chairman Tom Perez as symbolic of the general collapse of the Democrats even as the MSM continues their fixation on the divisions among Republicans. So let us now join Nguyen as she reveals how the Democrats are collapsing in EVEN THE ANTI-TRUMP RESISTANCE CAN’T UNITE THE D.N.C.:

When Tom Perez was elected chairman of the Democratic National Committee, he was automatically tasked with a daunting list of to-dos: diagnosing why Democrats lost what initially seemed like a gimme election; recalibrating the party’s broken machinery to build a winning coalition to take back the Senate (and possibly the House) in 2018; and laying the groundwork to beat Donald Trump in 2020 behind a mysterious candidate who does not yet exist. To accomplish all of these things, he needed to unite the party behind a winning message—or at least a message better than Donald Trump is the worst. But last week, he delivered a self-inflicted wound when he demoted a large number of progressive party officials who had supported Bernie Sanders in the 2016 primaries and Keith Ellison in last year’s D.N.C. chairmanship election, replacing them with Hillary Clinton alumni and lobbyists. And it now appears that a similar rift is playing out in the Democratic fund-raising game.

But...but what about the divisions within the GOP that we keep hearing in the press 24/7? Oh, right. Liberals are bickering too:

In contrast to grassroots fund-raising efforts, the D.N.C. is facing a hefty fund-raising shortfall, with many of the party’s reliable donors holding off on writing checks. Part of the reason may be disillusionment with the way the party—at both the state and national level—has been run under the controversial tenure of Debbie Wasserman Schultz, as well as e-mails released thanks to Russian-backed hacking of D.N.C. databases that led to the perception that the committee was biased toward Clinton. Moreover, several outsider groups with cleaner histories—including the House and Senate Democratic campaign committees—are now in competition for donor cash.

How can that be when the MSM keeps telling us that it is the GOP that is in a state of disarray?

Several factors are at play in the D.N.C.’s anemic performance, including the state-level atrophying of the party structure in the years after Barack Obama’s election, as well as the lack of superstar fund-raisers the organization can deploy at any given time.

It looks like the Lightworker's miracle powers failed to help his fellow liberals at the ballot box.

...his recent party “purge” could potentially drive progressive candidates and donors from cooperating with the D.N.C., especially if they’re no longer reliant on the organization’s centralized funding structure.