New 'American Horror Story' Season Starts with Liberal Election Night Meltdown

September 4th, 2017 7:01 AM

Still haven't gotten enough fun out of watching liberal meltdowns on Election Night 2016? Good news! The new season of FX's American Horror Story kicks off on Tuesday night right at the start with a character having an hysterical screaming meltdown as Trump's victory is announced on television.

Yes, for liberals the election of Donald Trump that night was an absolute horror story and it is quite entertaining to watch their meltdowns again in dramatized form in the AHS: Cult trailer below. Your humble correspondent has never watched this series before but he will probably watch this season's show just to enjoy watching the liberal horror over Trump's election in dramatic form.

"Since Election Night it has all been getting so much worse!"

Oh the horror! The Hollywood Reporter has a review of what should be titled Liberal Horror Story:

American Horror Story: Cult is ready to relive the 2016 presidential election.

The official trailer for the FX anthology series released on Tuesday begins in Michigan on election night, with Sarah Paulson's character screaming in horror at the results that Donald Trump has been elected president.

In another home not too far away, Evan Peters' blue-haired maniac offers an emphatic reaction, thrusting his body up against his television screen in shrill delight.

Notice how they make a blue-haired maniac be the one to be delighted by Trump's election?

Trump's win triggers several phobias for leading lady Paulson's character, who is named Ally Mayfair Richards and is married to Ivy (played by franchise newcomer Alison Pill).

"Since election night it has all been getting so much worse," Ally tells Cheyenne Jackson's therapist, Dr. Rudy Vincent, of her coulrophobia — a fear of clowns.

...The 11-episode season begins on election night, but the real events only serve as a jumping-off point for the season. No actors will be taking on the roles of Trump or Hillary Clinton. Cult's opening credit sequence, which was absent during last season's mysterious Roanoke, showed what is presumed to be cult members donning Trump and Clinton masks amid images of bloodied American flags.

It's not surprising that Hollywood would make this...and especially not surprising from AHS (and Glee) creator Ryan Murphy, who hosted fundraisers for Barack Obama. 

So what other dramatic series will include the "horror" of Election Night? Personally I think Billions is a good candidate. Why? Because Paul Giamatti's character of the U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York, Chuck Rhoades, is based on the real life Preet Bharara who was fired soon after the inauguration of Trump. Would poor Chuck deliver a meltdown scream or would he silently chug down a bottle of vodka when the election of Trump is announced?

Let us hope that American Horror Story is just the first of many other entertainment shows to feature liberal Election Night meltdowns. They are so much fun to watch!!!