Wolf Blitzer Utterly Deflated by Dianne Feinstein's Trump-Russia Collusion Answer

It only took four "precise" words to utterly deflate Wolf Blitzer on the May 3 Situation Room on CNN. Those four deflationary words came courtesy of Senator Dianne Feinstein. A transcript is below but it is absolutely necessary to watch the video to see just how instantly poor Wolf's entire attitude changed. One moment he was assertively asking a question in a bold tone and the next moment his balloon burst leaving him weakly sputtering in obvious frustration. 

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Watch very carefully for that classic Blitzer balloon burst the moment Feinstein pierced it with her unexpected answer.

WOLF BLITZER: I know that you and some of your colleagues from the Senate Intelligence Committee drove over to Langley, Virginia, yesterday to CIA headquarters and you were briefed. Here's the question. And you don't have to provide us with any classified information, Senator. But do you believe, do you have evidence that there was in fact collusion between Trump associates and Russia during the campaign?

DIANNE FEINSTEIN: Not at this time.

BLITZER: That's a pretty precise answer. I know the investigation is continuing.

Perhaps Wolf can artificially re-inflate himself a bit by asking the same question of either Representatives Adam Schiff or Eric Swalwell. The former claims there is more than circumstantial evidence of collusion and the latter asserts that there definitely is evidence of collusion. It would be best for Blitzer if he does not ponder too long on the fact that neither congressman has actually offered any solid evidence of collusion.

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