Skips Anti-Trump Leftist Politics of JCC Phone Threat Suspect

Imagine if the suspect arrested today in connection with making phone threats to Jewish community centers around the nation had been a big Donald Trump supporter. Do any of you have any doubt at all that the fact of his support for Trump would have been in the first paragraph of all the mainstream media reports of his arrest? In fact, it would probably have appeared in the very first sentence. 

Well, Juan Thompson was arrested today as a suspect in the JCC phone threats but not only did his political leanings not appear in the first paragraph of the ABC News online story, it didn't appear anywhere. Why? Could it have been because Thompson was revealed as a leftist Bernie Sanders supporter who tweeted his hatred of Trump?

The first five paragraphs of the story of over 25 paragraphs had to do with the suspect and the rest of the story seemed to serve as padding for you to just forget about that suspect and his very inconvenient politics. Here are those first five paragraphs about the suspect carefully cleansed of any politics:

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A man accused of making at least eight threats against Jewish community centers, Jewish schools, a Jewish museum and the Anti-Defamation League was arrested by the FBI in St. Louis, Missouri, this morning, though the man is not believed to be the main suspect behind this year's rash of bomb threats, two law enforcement officials told ABC News.

Juan Thompson, 31, is accused of what federal prosecutors called a “campaign to harass and intimidate.” He’s charged in New York with cyberstalking a New York City woman by communicating threats in the woman’s name. Prosecutors said Thompson, a former journalist, appears to have made those threats "as part of a sustained campaign to harass and intimidate” the woman after their romantic relationship ended.

He is accused of making threats over the course of Jan. 28 to Feb. 22 against the Anti-Defamation League office in New York, a Jewish history museum in New York, as well as JCCs and Jewish schools in New York, Michigan, Dallas and San Diego.

Law enforcement officials told ABC News Thompson appeared to take advantage of news coverage of the threats in order to exact revenge on a woman who had ended a romantic relationship.

Thompson made an initial appearance today in St. Louis and did not enter a plea. His next hearing is scheduled for March 8.

The very obvious lack of Thompson's extreme leftwing politics in the report did not go unnoticed by some of the readers commenting on this story:

Liberal narrative fail. Funny how no one wants to talk his politics since he has beeen outed as a Trump hating liberal.

Wow ABC just leave out everything you know about the guy huh? Like how he's a disgraced left wing journalist? Yeah those details would distract from your message that somehow Trump is responsible. Unbelievable.

Now watch how quickly this story dies. I bet nothing more will be mentioned about his court appearances or trail because it is was not a right wing Trump supporter.

ABC News can't claim that Thompson's politics are some sort of mystery. Many sites already have that information including Mediaite which tells you what it is right in the title of their article: Man Arrested For JCC Bomb Threats Was Liberal Journalist Fired For Fabrication.

Oh, so not only was he a leftist but also a perpetrator of fake news. Interesting. 

As for Thompson's anti-Trump hatred, there is ample evidence in his many tweets on the subject including this:

We also have him tweeting his support for Bernie Sanders:

Exit question: When will ABC News and the rest of the MSM demand that Bernie Sanders disavow his supporter?

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