Bill Maher Pitches Gavin Newsom as 2020 Presidential Candidate

December 22nd, 2016 8:27 AM

Bill Maher is on a hiatus from his HBO Real Time show until January. However, that doesn't mean he isn't still providing a bit of humor even if it's inadvertent. And Maher's latest bit of unintentional humor comes in the form of a presidential endorsement for 2020. What his endorsement reveals is how laughably shallow the Democrat field of potential candidates is. 

Okay, are you ready for the revelation of the name of this sleeping political giant? Well, it's California Lt. Governor Gavin Newsom. And a big reason he has earned Maher's endorsement is because he is a "tall, good looking guy." Maher explains his support for Newsom during an interview with Matthew Segal of ATTN: at the 4:37 mark of the following video. 

MATTHEW SEGAL: Who should the Democrats run in 2020?

BILL MAHER: Gavin Newsom.


MAHER: Because he could win, one. Trump always says about people, "He looks like he's from Central Casting," which is a great reason to appoint a person. But Gavin does look like he's the president. People vote for a tall, good looking guy. And he's ballsy. He's been on the right end of issues here in California before they were popular. I don't see anybody in the party who would be a better candidate.

Wow! If Maher doesn't see anybody in the party who would be a better candidate than Newsom, then what does that say about the Democrats? Keep in mind that Newsom began running for governor of California in 2009 and remained so unpopular in the polls that he dropped out of that race and ran for lieutenant governor instead, where he has remained for the past six years. And in that position, he has been living in a state of utter boredom as he proclaimed to the Sacramento Bee in 2012 while discussing his cable show on the now defunct Current TV:

SAN FRANCISCO – Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom, whose cable talk show premiered this month, was in the studio between segments Thursday, catching up with Chip Conley, his next guest and old friend.

"How often are you up in Sacramento?" the hotelier asked.

"Like one day a week, tops," Newsom said. "There's no reason."

It can be slow at the Capitol.

"It's just so dull," Newsom said. "Sadly, I just, ugh, God."

Newsom later clarified that he puts a bit more effort into the job than previously indicated:

Lieutenant governors have few official duties. But Newsom – who later said he spends perhaps two days a week in Sacramento, not one – keeps busy outside the office, most recently across the street from AT&T Park in San Francisco, in a small studio at Current TV.

Unfortunately for Newsom, there is one major hitch on his road to the White House which was pointed out by the ATTN: website:

Before he can run for president in 2020, Newsom has a more immediate concern — he's currently running to be California's next governor. That election will take place in November 2018, just under two years from now.

So first Newsom must win the governor's race in California which he had to drop out of in 2009 due to unpopularity. Then even if he does win, he would almost immediately have to begin running for president after being inaugurated as governor in January 2019 in order for the best candidate the Democrats have according to Maher to be nominated for that position. And even if he does somehow win the Democrat nomination (while angering California voters by spending so little time in Sacramento) he must face Donald Trump in the general election.

Thanks for the laughs, Bill!