Obamacare Numbers Cruncher Suffers 'Schindler's List' Mental Meltdown

November 17th, 2016 8:56 PM

There have been many liberal mental meltdowns since Donald Trump's election last week but few of them have approached the epic proportions of ObamaCare numbers cruncher Charles Gaba. Until he went over the edge, Gaba was known for quietly delving into the arcane statistics of ObamaCare for the past few years and posting them several times per week on his blog. Although he is a liberal, his dry numbers analysis of the failed program at least kept him out of trouble and his stats were often cited by reporters, such as Sarah Kliff of Vox, whose big shtick is ObamaCare. 

That all changed with the election of Trump. His quick plunge into the completely unhinged began early on the first morning of the Trumpocalypse and culminated a few days later on Sunday when he gave full throttle his inner monster from the id resulting in posting a gruesome concentration camp scene from "Schindler's List" implying that was the future of America under Trump. First let us join Gaba at 4:32 AM on November 9 when his ObamaCare stats obsession suddenly gave way to his descent into mental hell:

After yesterday's atrocity, however...I'm honestly dreading the thought of what most of my charts, graphs, spreadsheets and blog entries are going to look like.

...Beyond that...it's 4:30am. I'm exhausted, my stomach hurts and my hands are shaking.

God help us all.

Okay, he was a bit shaken up by the election results but not really any more than millions of other liberals. Even at 4:37 PM the same day, Gaba still seems to sort of be holding it together:

OK, so Mitch McConnell has now confirmed that yes, repealing the Affordable Care Act is indeed Priority 1 for the incoming 100% GOP-controlled Congress now that they know they'll have President Trump (good God, I'll never get used to writing that) ready to sign it with his big Sharpie.

Unfortunately, the next day, Thursday, at 1:11 PM, the wheels began really flying off  his mind:

Over the past day or so, in response to the shocking and horrifying news that a racist, misogynistic, xenophobic con-artist sexual predator moron has been elected our next President and who has also stated point-blank that he intends to help the now-100%-Republican-controlled Congress eliminate the Affordable Care Act, I noted that this would likely cause 2017 enrollments to plummet as a result.

Despite these early warning signs, Gaba seemed to be pulling out of his election funk by returning to the therapeutic arcania of heavy duty ObamaCare numbers crunching for the next few days...until Sunday when he unleashed his personal demons starting with this posting of the horrific "Schindler's List" scene which jarringly contrasted with the dry stats surrounding it on his blog:

So. Here we are. Barring some extraordinarily shocking development (which I wouldn't rule out in a year and a half of shocking developments), it looks like the unthinkable will happen in just 68 days: Donald Trump will be sworn in as the 45th President of the United States.

No one knows with certainty exactly how this will play out, because we're in utterly uncharted territory. Arguments vary over whether Trump is, in his heart, a true fascist who'll bring about a true Naziesque Hellscape (massive waves of deportations, imprisonment in internment camps, genocide, the whole works); "only" a dangerously unstable, unqualified grifter who never expected to actually win and will now treat his term of office as the ultimate long con...or a reverse-Manchurian Candidate figure who'll actually end up turning on the GOP completely and will push through a bevy of progressive policies after all!

...even if he DOES end up enacting a couple of progressive wish-list items, he's still dangerously unstable and unqualified to hold high office, and has already caused every Neo-Nazi, KKK member and other white supremacist hatemonger to come out of the woodwork. Much of the damage has already been done even if he were to resign or get impeached within his first month in office.

Exit question: Does Gaba's personal ObamaCare plan cover the cost for a therapy dog?