Ken Bone Quickly Falls from Liberal Grace Due to Thought Crimes

October 15th, 2016 12:34 PM

He was the toast of the liberal media for a few days after first hitting the national scene last Sunday in St. Louis during the second presidential debate. For a very brief time he was hailed as a cuddly bear stuffed into a tight red sweater who was so cute that it made you want to hug him. And then by Friday...he became an instant non-person to liberals due to very un-PC Thought Crime remarks from his past on Reddit. 

Of course, I am referring to Ken Bone who appeared as one of the undecided voters asking a question during the presidential debate. By the next day he was fully embraced by the liberal mainstream media. To get an idea of the extent of their idolatry, here is Jake Tapper gushing over how awesome Ken Bear is on The Lead:

JAKE TAPPER: All day long, my staff and I, we've been pondering this important question, "What makes Ken Bone so awesome?" Ken Bone, as you may recall, was the undecided voter in the red sweater who asked the energy question at last night's debate, why do we all find him so charming? Is it the red sweater? That was actually his backup outfit after he says he split his pants to his olive-cover colored suit. Maybe it's the mustache? Perhaps it's the disposable camera he used to snap pics after the debate. Ken Bone's name started trending online during the debate. Now, Mr. Bone is making the TV interview rounds. He told CNN earlier today about his new following on Twitter.

KEN BONE: I went from last night having 7 Twitter followers, 2 of which were my grandmother because she had to remake her account when she forgot her password, to now I have several hundred. Now, I don't know why they care what I have to say, but I'm glad they're engage in the political process.

TAPPER: He's even more awesome than ever, just watching that clip. That number is more than 30,000 now, and the Ken Bone memes are everywhere. There's Ken Bone with the 90s rap group, Bone Thugs-n- Harmony. How about the Ken Bone Halloween costume?

The New York Times provided more insight on why the liberal media had such a huge crush on Ken Bone: his apparent anti-Trump attitude despite being a supposedly undecided voter.

In a phone interview on Monday morning, Mr. Bone said that he had been leaning toward voting for Donald J. Trump, but that Hillary Clinton “really impressed me with her composure and some of her answers last night.”

He said he was “a bit let down” by the personal attacks that dominated the early part of the debate.

Asked about which attacks he had in mind, Mr. Bone said, “There were a lot from both sides, but I feel like Mr. Trump did a lot more of the talking over and the personal attacks.”

Very good, Ken. Even though you were a supposedly undecided voter you gave the proper liberal signals of which way you were really leaning. Wink! Wink!

Everything was going great for a few days as he was enthusiastically hailed by enamored liberals. Several New York Times correspondents were even gushing like over enamored fan girls on Twitter about just how adorable Ken was. And then Thought Crime tragedy hit to end it all by Friday as you can see in just in the title of this New York Daily News headline: Ken Bone on Reddit claimed fatal shooting of Trayvon Martin 'was justified.'

The Select All section of New York magazine chronicled the rise and very very quick fall of Ken Bone. Of course, they overlooked the fact that it was liberals who fully embraced...and then dumped him but it is still interesting to read Ken Bone and the 4 Stages of Viral Fame:

Bone’s memeification has followed a pretty standard trajectory as far as internet celebrity goes — a Joseph Campbell–style mono-myth viral cycle consisting of four stages: Memeing, Interviewing, Cashing In, and Falling From Grace. Most human memes and viral celebrities follow this narrative arc gradually, and many never complete it. But Bone managed to traverse it so thoroughly and efficiently — in all of four days — he serves as a teachable model.

Actually that latter stage should be more accurately described as "Falling From LIBERAL Grace." And the reason why he fell so fast from LIBERAL grace was his Thought Crime.