Mediaite IDs Wrong Twin Castro Brother as VP Hopeful

July 10th, 2016 12:33 PM

Oops! Wrong Castro twin brother. 

They do look alike being identical twins but they have very unidentical jobs which Mediaite should have been aware of in differentiating between Texas Congressman Joaquin Castro from HUD Secretary Julian Castro. Unfortunately, Mediaite did mix them up by identifying Joaquin, not Julian, Castro as a vice-presidential hopeful in a story this morning titled, ABC Anchor Asks VP Hopeful Castro if Hillary is ‘Sensitive Enough’ to White Trump Voters:

Politics never sleeps, not even in the wake of a string of tragedies, and on Sunday morning’s This Week with George Stephanopoulos, Rep. Joaquin Castro (R-TX) continued his audition for the running mate slot on presumptive Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton‘s ticket by fielding questions from fill-in host Martha Raddatz, including several involving the politics of police shootings of black citizens and the shootings of police in Dallas, Texas.

Mediaite compounded their error with this tweet:


To set the record straight it is Julian, not Joaquin, Castro who is the VP hopeful auditioning for Hillary. And so far, the audition is not going well for Julian since he was written off by Politico last January as a lightweight:

Castro’s a young-looking 41, a lower-level Cabinet secretary with a record that’s most distinguished for not having anything go wrong. He's the former mayor of the seventh-largest city with a record that includes a big win in implementing universal pre-K, but the job is technically part-time and pays only $3,000 per year. (Most of the municipal government is run by an unelected city manager, though many San Antonians expect the mayor to act like they're full-time.)

...When detailed policy questions about housing and mortgage financing came up, those people said, he’d freeze up. He seems genuinely interested in helping people, they’d say, but not interested enough in HUD policy to want to engage deeply.

So perhaps, since Julian has been exposed as a lightweight, there could be a twin switch in that VP auditioning process? In any event, I am sure Mediaite will soon issue a Castro twin correction but their initial entertaining error will be preserved here in Newsbusters for all eternity...unto the end of time.

UPDATE:  A second major error in the Mediaite story with Joaquin Castro identified as a (GASP!) Republican: "Rep. Joaquin Castro (R-TX)..."