Panicked Esquire Liberal Worries that 'Rioting Only Makes Trump Stronger'

June 3rd, 2016 9:43 PM

Esquire magazine writer Charles Pierce must be in a state of panic after the events following yesterday's Donald Trump rally in San Jose, California when anti-Trump protesters violently attacked Trump supporters. Last week Pierce wrote that such attacks only help Trump and that has him extremely worried. Unfortunately for him, even some his fellow liberal journalists such as Emmett Rensin, who was today suspended from Vox, still haven't got a clue on just how incredibly counter-productive such riots are. 

Here is Pierce rubbing his worry beads on this matter:

I would like to humbly suggest that those people who gather to protest the appearances of He, Trump kindly stop being such predictable tools for those really dark forces that are gathering around the presumptive Republican nominee.

Jesus H. Christ on a satellite feed, stop making it so easy for them.

What happened in Albuquerque Tuesday night not only was pointless, it was utterly stupid. It gave the campaign of He, Trump enough footage to create campaign ads all the way through his re-election campaign in 2020. It gave cable news a chance to monger some fear; by midnight, the CNN reporter on the scene was practically begging the cops to unleash hell on the people "who won't go home." It turned He, Trump into a victim. And, not least, throwing rocks at police horses is a dumb thing to do on its own merits.

The violent anti-Trump protests are working so favorably for Trump in the eye of public opinion that Pierce has a conspiracy theory about this.

In fact, the events of Tuesday night so perfectly fit He, Trump's purposes that it's legitimate to wonder if there wasn't some covert design to it. He, and the campaign he's running, couldn't have asked for better visuals than people clashing with police while waving Mexican flags. For a long while, I've been curious about how protesters so easily got tickets to sold out Trump rallies only to be evicted later on what came to be an almost ritualistic performance piece that allowed He, Trump to project from the stage exactly the image he wanted to project.

Perhaps Emmett Rensin is really a Trumpchurian candidate who has been hypnotized so that whenever he sees the Red Queen on TV he posts idiotic tweets such as this:

We now return to Pierce and his worry beads:

Let us dispense with our semi-justifiable paranoia, however, and stipulate that what happened on Tuesday night was an entirely spontaneous rumble by people who are unnerved by the prospect of being ruled by a vulgar talking yam. What happened was the very living definition of counterproductive.

Emmett Rensin is the kindest, bravest, warmest, most wonderful human being I've ever known in my life. ...Huh? Where was I? About to jump in a lake? Well, let us look at the final plea by Charles Pierce which, judging by subsequent anti-Trump riot events, fell on completely deaf ears:

Stay across the street. Protest silently and, in the name of god, don't be such easy marks.

Ah, but they are such easy marks. And here is an observation from the Dilbert creator Scott Adams who, unlike a myriad of media pundits, has been completely correct in his Trump prognostications almost from the beginning of his candidacy last year that is sure to set Pierce's worry bead rubbing into high gear.