'Face the Nation' Hails 'Candid' Colorado Governor... Who Then Lied About Colin Powell's Server

May 29th, 2016 10:23 PM

This morning, Face the Nation host John Dickerson interviewed Colorado governor John Hickenlooper whom he described as "candid" based on a book he wrote.  However, as the interview progressed, it became very apparent that rather than being candid, Hickenlooper was robotically reciting Democrat talking points so sycophantically loyal to Hillary Clinton that even many Democrats would be embarrassed to repeat them.

Hickenlooper flat-out lied when answering a question about Hillary's email server. 

So let us now watch "candid" Hickenlooper recite the talking points on his roadmap to being picked by Hillary as a possible running toady, I mean running mate.


JOHN DICKERSON: Joining us now from Denver is Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper, the author of The Opposite of Woe: My Life in Beer and Politics. Governor, you say your book is a call to action for nerds, but it's also very candid. Don't you know you're in politics? You're not supposed to be candid.

Don't worry, John. As we shall soon see, Hickenlooper is completely lacking in the candor department. Dickerson raised the latest claims of Bernie Sanders:

DICKERSON: He's arguing that the -- the latest revolutions about her e-mail -- private e-mail server are something that super delegates should take in mind. In other words, another shoe might drop and she wouldn't be in as good a position in the general election as he would be. What's your response to that argument?

HICKENLOOPER: Well, ah, I don't think there's another shoe that's going to drop. I think they've parsed this about as much as they can. I mean she was trying to protect family and friends from, you know, the unwanted scrutiny. She said she made a mistake, right? Let's move on. I think she's probably the most prepared person to run for high political office in this country in several decades. And some people say, and I'm not -- you know, you'd have to look at it, if she -- if she was a man, all this stuff wouldn't be the same at the same level. That there's an awful lot of criticism being used -- I mean literally millions of dollars of criticism against her every week over things that really aren't that -- you know, against a man wouldn't be brought up like that.

Yes! Hickenlooper actually went there by playing the woman card. Unfortunately for him, Dickerson had a good comeback.

DICKERSON: But it would -- but the inspector general -- an inspector general's report doesn't have anything to do with gender, does it?

HICKENLOOPER: No, it certainly doesn't, but it points out that, you know, previous secretaries of state had done roughly the same -- had used -- had used their own servers, like Colin Powell, and no one had come out officially at the time and said, you know, that this is a bad precedent. And, again, she's admitted she made a mistake. I mean it's -- I don't understand the -- it's not -- it's not like the end of the world. Again, I understand it's been made a big deal because people have spent millions of dollars trying to throw it into this incredible flame.

WOW! So according to Hickenlooper other secretaries of state, including Colin Powell, used private email servers? Really, governor? They used private servers for their official State Department email?

This is surely begging for Politifact and the other "fact checker" sites to assign some Pinocchios to Hickenlooper.