Red Eye Mocks John Kasich Imaginary Nomination Campaign Ad

April 30th, 2016 4:53 PM

Imagine John Kasich, the winner of a grand total of one state, being nominated. Is that too tough? Okay, try this. Imagine a John Kasich campaign ad featuring his imaginary nomination. See, much easier. And also much more mockable which is exactly what Red Eye did on the Fox News Channel last night. 

Here is an analysis of that segment by Brian Maloney at the Media Equalizer:

For months, political observers have tried to imagine the alternate universe where John Kasich somehow becomes the GOP’s presidential pick.

Now, the Ohio governor has presented his own vision for securing the nomination through a bizarre new ad that appears to be aimed directly at GOP convention attendees. In it, an announcer explains that delegates went with Kasich during a contested floor vote.

“What a long, fascinating trip it’s been,” she says, “How’d it go from the final three to one the establishment didn’t think could win?

“The delegates decided the selection is about winning the presidency,” the voiceover continues.

During last night’s edition of Red Eye on the Fox News Channel, hosts mocked the seemingly delusional campaign spot that praised the “1237 brave Americans who overcame tremendous personal pressure” to back Kasich.

Exit question: If John Kasich wins an imaginary nomination, will the food he eats during his imaginary victory press conference only contain imaginary calories?