Washington Post Writer Quickly Uses Brussels Attacks as Platform to Slam Trump

March 22nd, 2016 12:54 PM

The terror bombings in Brussels occured at about 3:00 AM EDT. Therefore Washington Post writer Philip Bump had only about a couple of hours after he woke up today to use these acts of terrorism as a platform to rapidly type up an article about his real obsession in this matter, Donald Trump, when it was posted at 9:25 AM EDT. You will search his story in vain for any expression of sympathy for the victims. The closest Bump comes is mentioning that dozens were killed in the first sentence, the same sentence he uses to launch his Trump attack:

In the wake of the bombings that killed dozens of people in Brussels on Tuesday, Donald Trumpmost likely safely cocooned in his luxurious home at the top of the Manhattan skyscraper he built — called in to Fox News to discuss terrorism and his proposed response.

Following his one-time reference to the victims, dripping with disdain not for the terrorists but for you-know-who, Bump continues his focus on the one thing that is truly important in this matter to him: Trump, Trump, and Trump:

"I would close up our borders to people until we figure out what’s going on," Trump said to the hosts of the cable network's "Fox and Friends," sounding a bit groggy. "We have to be smart in the United States. We're taking in people without real documentation, we don't know where they're coming from, we don't know what they're — where they're from, who they are."

It's not clear whether Trump's off-the-cuff comments were meant to be a reiteration of his past calls to ban Muslims from entering the United States or if it's a new, more expansive call to curtail all travel in and out of the country.

...Trump's past comments on closing the border to Muslims met with a receptive audience from the public. National polling in the wake of Trump's proposal showed support from members of his party for the idea. When the question has been asked in exit polling from Republican primaries, huge majorities expressed their support for the idea — and pluralities of that group expressed their support for Trump in every state except Ted Cruz's home of Texas.

Keep in mind that Bump delving into polling matters about Trump was happening right after Bump found out about the terror attacks. Amazingly he even included graphs of exit and entrance polls. Hey, Bump! Remember the terror attacks? Well, yes...but only as a way to attack Trump yet again:

The attacks in Belgium came less than 24 hours after Trump outlined another way in which he hoped to contract America's presence in the world.

Here is a word count of Bump's article that tells you where his mind is at:





Bump, your obsession with Trump seems to go way beyond the political and into the realm of the clinical.