Relatability: Hillary Seems to Parody Herself on Twitter

She's relatable, damn it! Yes, Hillary Clinton is so desperate to prove that she is so chock full of relatability that she completely loses any trace of authenticity as you can see in the comic effect Twitter video she posted below.

It's not any one thing but the overall effect of Hillary's over the top vocal enthusiasm combined with the exaggerated gesturing over her supposed delight in relaxing by watching home improvement shows. The result is that Hillary almost seems to be giving Saturday Night Live's Kate McKinnon competition in parodying herself.


One could almost forgive her desperate but hilarious quest to appear relatable as we approach the crucial Iowa caucuses. A year ago, who could have foretold that a humorless socialist would derail her "inevitable" candidacy? And now Hillary is paying the price for her many foibles including having an ice cold personality that makes her appear comically awkward when she attempts to act like a normal person. Here are some of the reactions on Twitter to Hillary's latest attempt to appear relatable:

.@HillaryClinton "how to get that server to really open up your master bath"

This is some of the most pathetic pandering I have ever seen

Yikes, just awful. Will this get votes?

Maybe you should have been working on 9/11/12 instead of laying around watching home makeovers. #Benghazi

Every line in this video was tested in multiple focus groups.

Maybe you could make time for 13 Hours?

Do they give you tips on building a closet that can house a server???

Exit question: Will Kate McKinnon, on SNL tonight, parody Hillary inadvertently parodying herself?

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