Usual Suspects Attack 'USA Freedom Kids' Who Sang at Trump Rally

It was pretty much inevitable. As soon as your humble correspondent watched the "USA Freedom Kids" performing their song on YouTube at a Donald Trump rally in Pensacola, Florida this week I just knew the "usual suspects" at leftwing websites would attack the group. As we shall see, I was not a bit wrong but first, let us watch the kids sing their number.

Of course, when kids sing a patriotic song, based on George M. Cohan tune, fully expected attacks will follow. So let us look at a few starting with this slam by Jim Newell of Slate:

Simply adorable, and a hymn that we will all be singing in our mandatory labor camps in a little under a year’s time.

Inae Oh at Mother Jones is equally horrified:

In an apparent bid to land on the military's torture playlist, three young girls on Wednesday performed a creepy song-and-dance routine in honor of Donald Trump at a scheduled rally in Pensacola, Florida.

Creepy? In case the writer hasn't noticed it, the song comes directly from George M. Cohan's Over There. A traditional patriotic song memorably performed by Jimmy Cagney in Yankee Doodle Dandy.

The song also induced nausea in Andrew Bradford of the obviously liberal Liberal America.

Try to watch the whole thing without shivering out of fear and disgust. This is enough to make anyone reach for a barf bag.

YEEEECCHH!!! Kids singing a patriotic song! How nauseating!!!

Finally we have this Tweet from Hunter Walker, national correspondent of Yahoo! News


Hey Hunter! If you really want to see something that seems to be out of North Korea then check out this Obama Worship video featuring kids from 2008.

Of course the big difference between the two videos is that the focus of the first is on America which the latter skipped to concentrate entirely on a certain Dear Leader.

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