'Hitler' Finds Out Ahmed the Clock Boy Is a Fraud

That Ahmed the clock boy is such a genius! Why, on his own he put together an intricate clock displaying a great deal of electronic knowledge. Yet for his effort he was accused of bringing a suspicious object to school and was arrested. Fortunately, after enlightened members of the MSM hailed the genius of young Ahmed Mohamed, he got himself an invite to the White House and Google too! Unfortunately for the narrative of much of the media, this tale has begun falling apart upon just a bit of scrutiny.

One result is the expected "Hitler" parody you will see below. In addition, we have a couple of videos from electronics expert Thomas Talbot telling us first why the Ahmed clock story is false as well as the likely agenda for perpetrating this fairy tale. But first let us go deep into the Fuhrerbunker to watch the reaction to the discovery that Ahmed the clock boy is a fraud. 

The Federalist goes where most of the media dares not tread with this observation about the "creation" of the clock by Ahmed Mohamed:

From the beginning we’ve been told that Ahmed—a supposedly creative, clever, inventive young man—threw the clock together from parts in his bedroom in order to “impress” his teachers at school. Ahmed told Chris Hayes he put it together himself. He told the Dallas Morning News that he “made a clock,” elsewhere claimed “I’m the person who built a clock and got in trouble with it,” and claimed that the clock was “[his] invention.”

As it turns out, it’s almost certain he did no such thing. All the evidence points toward the conclusion that Ahmed didn’t build his clock at all, and instead just took apart an old digital clock and put the guts inside a pencil case. If this is true—and it almost certainly is—why did he claim he “built” such a device?

Thomas Talbot goes into detail about how Ahmed "built" his clock by merely removing it from its casing:

Finally, Talbot explains the likely agenda behind this whole Ahmed the clock boy story:



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