AP Conveniently Overlooks Moonbat Declarations of New Montana Senate Nominee

What does it say about the Montana Democratic Party that they nominated a flat out moonbat to be their Senate nominee? Perhaps they knew that since they were going to lose that seat anyways, they would entertain us with a laughable candidate.

Just by reading the Associated Press description of the new Senate nominee, Amanda Curtis, hastily chosen in the wake of the John Walsh plagiarism scandal, you would have no idea that she has issued statements that are both bizarre and offensive. According to AP she is a fresh face with "blue-collar roots." However, a video of Amanda Curtis compiled by the Montana GOP from her online postings presents the new nominee in her own crazed words. First the rantings followed by the AP whitewash:


Way to go, Amanda! Mock gun owners and religious people. Almost as much fun as watching her in full moonbat mode will be viewing her attempt to walk back her own statements.

Here is part of the AP report published in Politico that gives no hint as to her wackiness:

HELENA, Mont. — State Rep. Amanda Curtis immediately struck a populist note as Montana Democrats’ new U.S. Senate candidate, saying the November election will not be about which political party controls the Senate but whether it will be controlled by millionaires or the middle class.

Curtis, 34, was chosen Saturday as the Democrats’ replacement candidate for Sen. John Walsh, who withdrew from the race earlier this month over plagiarism allegations. She is a high school math teacher from Butte whose political experience amounts to a single term in the Montana Legislature, but she is touting her relative inexperience and blue-collar roots as assets, not liabilities.

She framed her campaign as one that will champion the interests of the working class against those of the wealthy and of corporations, and she put her Republican opponent, Rep. Steve Daines, squarely on the side of the latter.

So will Curtis attempt to deflect away from what she has said or will she embrace her inner moonbat? And will AP and other MSM outlets reveal just how crazed of a candidate the Montana Democrats picked to be their Senate nominee?

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