Ouch! Politico Kicks David Gregory as He Exits NBC

August 14th, 2014 7:59 PM

David Gregory is now the poster boy warning for that old adage: be nice to people on your way up because you'll meet them on your way down.

And now that Gregory is on the down career escalator because of his quick removal today from both Meet The Press and NBC News as you can read here at Newsbusters, Dylan Byers at Politico has given him a swift kick on his way out the door. Apparently Gregory was not very nice to the folks who worked at NBC News as you can see below. Perhaps Gregory can take this as a warning notice to be on his best behavior at his next job because the karmatic kickback he is now receiving is not exactly a pretty sight:

Gregory, by contrast, did not seem very engaged with politics and policy, the bread and butter of Sunday public affairs programming. He was also widely disliked within the organization, and his ambition and vanity rubbed important colleagues at NBC the wrong way. Under his watch, NBC’s once-dominant Sunday show fell to the bottom of the ratings race.


One has to wonder if there will be an onslaught of stories about David Gregory rubbing people the wrong way. In the meantime, perhaps Gregory could practice an attitude adjustment by just being nice to waitresses. Why? Here is a jerk report from Michelle Malkin:

Gregory is the anti-Russert. His boorish behavior around D.C. is legendary — from his juvenile tantrums with the Bush press staff to his drunken radio appearances to his diva snit fits with innocent bystanders while filming news segments. One of the most telling and notorious anecdotes involves Russert himself, who reportedly reprimanded Gregory in 2008 for going ballistic on a poor waitress while the two TV stars dined at a D.C. restaurant. But “Gregory still treats most of … the newsroom like s**t,” an insider told the website Jossip. “Amazing how NBC cares more about food servers than about the people who have to deal with Gregory’s arrogance every day.”

Perhaps Gregory could take his self-help lesson a step further while refraining from screaming at waitresses and invite Dylan Byers to lunch while acting as if he holds no grudges for being slammed by the Politico writer. Of course, all bets would be off if Michelle Malkin should wander into that dining area.