Texas Tribune Avoids Reporting on Big Setback for Wendy Davis Campaign

April 30th, 2014 9:17 PM

The Wall Street Journal reported on Tuesday about a big setback for the Wendy Davis campaign for Texas governor.  The Democratic Governors Association (DGA) did not include her campaign as a top target which means it won't be prioritized for heavy spending. The reaction from the Davis campaign could best be described as an angry hissy fit which bitterly attacked the DGA.

Pretty big political news from Texas to the extent it was covered by the Wall Street Journal. Therefore you would expect the Texas Tribune which is supposed to cover the nuts and bolts details of Texas politics to report this story. Well, as of this writing there is NADA about this at the Texas Tribune. To get an idea of how completely absurd it is for the "nonpartisan" Texas Tribune to avoid this story, first let us take a look at the the WSJ report titled "Wendy Davis’s Race in Texas Isn’t a Top Target for DGA" about that organization keeping her campaign out of the big leagues in terms of support:

Despite the hype surrounding Texas Democrat Wendy Davis’s run for governor, the chairman of the Democratic Governors Association didn’t include her state in a list of top targets in 2014.

Ms. Davis, a state senator, gained national acclaim for filibustering a bill last year that increased regulation of abortion clinics and banned abortions after 20 weeks of pregnancy. Polls show Republican nominee Greg Abbott with a double-digit lead in the state, which hasn’t elected a Democrat since 1994.

“We’re hopeful in Texas but we all understand that Democrats haven’t won Texas in a long time,” DGA Chairman and Vermont Gov. Peter Shumlin told reporters Tuesday at the Third Way think tank. He added, “We hope this will be our year.”

So what was the reaction from the Davis campaign? Sheer rage at their fellow Blue DGA as reported in the Houston Chronicle, "Davis slaps back at Dem group over slight" (you need a subscription to read it there but also available at Hot Air):

Davis’ camp has questioned [polls showing Davis trailing by double digits] and slapped back at Shumlin’s remarks in a statement by campaign manager Karin Johanson. ”The uninformed opinions of a Washington, D.C., desk jockey who’s never stepped foot in Texas couldn’t be less relevant to what’s actually happening on the ground,” Johanson said…Asked how Shumlin could be characterized as a Washington desk jockey, Davis campaign communications director Zac Petkanas said Johanson was “referring to whoever at the DGA prepared the governor’s talking points.”

YOWZA! Angry much? And yet despite this dramatic political setback story appearing in both the Wall Street Journal and the largest newspaper in Texas, from the Texas Tribune we get nothing. Did that magic (D) brand next to the Davis name somehow serve as an invisible shield from damaging coverage by the Texas Tribune?

Note: The Texas Tribune does have a link to a San Antonio Express-News story about this (subscription needed) but as to a story on their site? Naw!