Rory Reid Slams BLM as 'Losers' on Nevada TV

Sheesh! Talk about a complete ingrate...

Many people suspect that the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) instigated an over the top paramilitary confrontation with Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy at the behest of Senator Harry Reid especially since the new BLM director, Neil Kornze, was an aide to Reid. So how does Harry's son, Rory Reid,  thank the BLM rangers for putting their lives at risk over desert tortoises that are being euthanized by the Feds? Why, he slams them as "losers" on Las Vegas television station KSNV where Rory serves as a commentator from the left. You can see Reid in the video and after the jump criticizing the BLM:


Here is how Rory "thanked" the BLM for carrying out the task of saving the desert tortoises that were being killed off by the Feds for overpopulation in the grazing areas:

...I think that the BLM lost. The BLM shouldn't have started this if they couldn't develop a plan to finish it successfully. Now I can understand why they suspended the operation. No trespass cow is worth somebody getting hurt. But the First Amendment zones they created were ridiculous. Then tried to block off too large a piece of land.... I don't think there is any way to look at this and say they were a winner here. They were a loser.

One has to wonder what BLM agent Dan Love and his colleagues think about being called "losers" by Harry Reid's son. Perhaps the next time they are called upon to conduct an excessive paramilitary operation at the Bundy ranch, they can invite Rory to don a BLM Ninja outfit and lead the charge in order to save desert tortoises so that they can be later gently killed.

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