'Elysium' Star Jodie Foster Admits Film Is Political

August 10th, 2013 7:55 PM

Matt Damon, the star of the movie "Elysium" and its director, Neill Blomkamp, have both vociferously denied that their film is political. Well, perhaps they might want to consult with Jodie Foster who also stars in this movie to get their stories in proper alignment because she expressed a very different opinion.

First let us read the not very convincing denial by Blomkamp of any political motivation as reported by Fox News:

"’Elysium’ doesn’t have a message,” Blomkamp told Wired Magazine, saying he found it unfortunate that critics were drawing parallels between his movie and the Occupy movement, a phenomenon he says wasn’t even a consideration.

Next up in the laughable denial of political motivation department is Matt Damon who chimes in:

The film’s star Matt Damon, too, insists that “Elysium” is not trying to push any political buttons. “I don’t think it is trying to say anything. It just presents the issue – the distinct difference between the haves and the have nots,” he told FOX411 while promoting the flick. “A science fiction film will work if it is a whole new world, but speaks to the world that we live in, but not in a heavy-handed way. The first order of business for a big summer popcorn movie is to make a kick-ass movie with great action.”

I can't say I really blame them for pretending what NewsMax has called Sci-Fi Socialism isn't political. After all, pretty much all political movies with a leftwing orientation in the past few years have been box office bombs.

Unfortunately for them, Jodie Foster has stated the obvious in Variety. According to her, "Elysium" is indeed political:

“I thought ‘District 9′ was probably the most perfect movie that I had seen in a really long time, and I just really wanted to be in his next movie,” Foster says, but the actress also notes that the film’s social message was a major draw for her.

The film has such a strong sociopolitical murmur, and it has such a strong insight into the ‘haves and have-nots,’ ” Foster says.

There. Jodie Foster said it out loud. So how long before Damon and Blomkamp finally drop the silly non-political pretense about their Sci-Fi Socialist film?