John King Obsesses on Benghazi Investigation as Republican 'Witch Hunt'


If you were expecting any useful  information in the article by CNN's John King pondering Why Benghazi Matters, you would be sadly disappointed. Out of 1029 words in his article, 422 or over 40% of the verbiage is devoted to speculating about if the congressional investigation into Benghazi is really a Republican "witch hunt." Although King pays lip service to what happened at Benghazi, it is the "witch hunt" theme he is most interested in as you can see from these Democrat talking point excerpts that he recites:

Republicans, however, have at times undermined their own claim to be interested only in legitimate congressional oversight, not what Democrats often label a partisan witch-hunt.

...Also undermining the GOP effort: fund-raising e-mails and videos from Republican and conservative groups asserting a Benghazi cover up orchestrated by President Barack Obama and then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

...Former CIA Director Michael Hayden, the retired Air Force general and a veteran of many Washington dramas, said GOP talk of a cover up is "a loaded word."

And if the reader still hasn't figured out that "Republican witch hunt" is supposedly a factor behind the investigation, a helpful "Story Highlights" sidebar slams him with this not very subtle hint:

Republicans have undermined their claims of oversight that Democrats call a witch hunt.


Can anyone recall if John King was at all concerned about a Democrat witch hunt during the Valerie Plame investigation?

The story promotes a CNN special tonight hosted tonight at 10 PM EDT by Erin Burnett, "The Truth About Benghazi." Hopefully Burnett won't share King's obsession with a "Republican witch hunt" and uses her time to actually report the facts.

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