Universal Studios Orlando Turns Halloween Horror Nights Show Into Obama Campaign Rally

October 10th, 2012 9:33 PM

What can be political about Halloween? Especially Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios Orlando. Well, guess what? Universal Studios in Orlando this year actually turned a Halloween Horror Nights show into what is obviously a not very subtle Obama campaign rally in which the Romney type candidate declares he lied in the debate and that he shoves grannies off the cliff. Think I'm kidding? Then read the words of Marla Knowles, a blogger at BIZPAC REVIEW, who went to Universal Studios last weekend and reported her unpleasant experience of Universal Studios pushing Obama propaganda and Romney slamming on their customers:

I went to Halloween Horror Nights last weekend and was shocked that Universal was using its amusement park as a political platform to reach the masses in favor of Obama and to slam Republican contender Mitt Romney in a show called “Bill and Ted’s Adventure.”

We went to the show thinking it was going to be centered on a movie by the same name. We had no idea its premise had an election theme. But at first, we thought it was going to be OK, since it was Bill and Ted who were running for election. Instead, though, the “show” turned into a 40-minute campaign rally for Obama, defaming Romney.

In the show, a black man was dressed up in a suit and sunglasses looking all cool and singing a rap about how he was the first black president. He makes references to gay rights, women's contraception, killing Osama bin Laden, supporting Big Bird and the like. All the while, the crowd was getting pumped up and cheering the entire time. The black man’s “opponent” was a white man talking like a "nerd" and looking all disheveled as he stumbled out saying that he lied in the debate, that he shoves grannies off the cliff. "Oh, I didn't know that women could vote," he even said at one point.

The show, of course, ended with the most popular songs blasting as dancers took to the stage, making it a big, cool Obama party to appeal to the voters.

What makes this really offensive is that customers have to shell out substantial bucks, thinking they are going to see a fun Halloween Horror show only to be forced fed pro-Obama messages:

It was especially appalling the way the show was attempting to destroy Romney's image, and in a battleground state like Florida. And visitors are paying for this! I spent about $180 on my ticket that day ($90 for general admission and $80 for the express pass). This isn't just a “Saturday Night Live” skit or a political cartoon.

Of course the park denied that the show had a pro-Obama message:

I spoke with someone at Universal, but they just completely white-washed the truth, acted like they didn’t care, had their canned responses and denied that the show was pro-Obama/anti-Romney, which was absolutely ludicrous. The park just claimed that it is a presentation of the year's past events with political undertones. It was nothing more than a platform for the owners of Universal Studios to promote a pro-Obama campaign rally made to look cool with comedy, dancers and music as the crowd cheers for Obama and makes fun of and spreads untruths about Romney. This is completely unacceptable for an amusement park in America to not stay neutral as they pull in millions of dollars to fund this.

Yeah, right. A presentation of the past year's political events in which the obvious Romney candidate declares he lied in the debate and shoves grannies off the cliff. We know exactly where your political sympathies are, Universal Studios, because you're not exactly subtle about it.

UPDATE: According to a post by Michele Kirk of BIZPAC Review, a corroborating audio was uploaded at YouTube and then removed. Here is what she wrote:

Audio of the election parody was found on You Tube, yesterday, and posted by BPR. Several hours later it was removed by the poster. The audio corroborates Knowles claims.

Universal Studios press officials deny the company having a part in the removal of the audio, according to Breitbart.com.