Will Politico Update 'Sobbing Woman Thanks Obama for Health Care Law' Story?

Politico ran a story yesterday about a sobbing woman thanking President Obama for ObamaCare.  To read the story you would think the woman, Stephanie Miller, had no ulterior political motive. However, she has been busted by Jim Hoft at Gateway Pundit who has exposed her  as @obamasbestfan which is her twitter handle whose tweets demonstrate not only over the top enthusiasm for Obama but which are also chock full of vitriolic hate such as wishing that prominent conservatives had been aborted. Here is but one example of Miller's hate tweets:

If there ever was a valid def. why women need birth control & legalized abortion it would b ROMNEY, SANTORIUM, GINGRINCH, PAUL, & LIMBAUGH!!

First a portion of the Politico story about Miller's encounter with Obama in Ohio:

SANDUSKY, Ohio -- An emotional Ohio voter personally thanked President Obama for passing a health care overhaul, relating the story of her late sister's battle with cancer.

After Obama's speech in Sandusky, he encountered a sobbing Stephanie Miller, who later told reporters about her encounter with Obama.

"I thanked him for the getting the Affordable Health Act passed," Miller said, referring to the health care overhaul the Supreme Court upheld last week.

And now we see some of the @obamasbestfan tweets to find out why she has earned that handle:

Watched Pres. Obama "Slow Jam the News" with Jimmy Kimmel...how much COOLER can our Pres. get?!?! Jimmy too!

So mad that I missed Pres. Obama in Dayton last night! SMH I may have to bite the bullet & get a smart phone 2 keep up.

What really distinguishes Miller's tweets is the absolute hatred directed towards Republicans and conservatives:

@billmaher In this country EVERYTHING is a crap shoot with the GOP in control! Wish sum1 would chew their faces off!!!!

Has the GOP all drank the kool aid??? Too bad it wasn't the Jim Jones special!!!

I'll be like Pres. Obama any day rather than those GOP test tube projects gone wrong they are why ABORTION is legal!!

better than those GOP vomit buckets Not 1 of them have a wrking head above their shoulders unfort. the 1 btwn the legs seem to wrk fine

While we wait for Politico to possibly update their "sobbing woman" story, we wonder if they will investigate into whether @obamasbestfan was a plant who was purposely allowed access to Obama. Gee, ya think?

Oh, and does anybody know if ObamaCare includes Anger Management therapy?

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