Wisconsin Recall Anarchists Suffer Hilarious Withdrawal Pains When Media Split

It is well known that leftwing political demonstrators love to play to the cameras as happened in Wisconsin during the months leading up the the recent failed attempt to recall Governor Scott Walker. So what happens when the media departs once the election is over? As you can see in this video (and below the fold) their media withdrawal pains might not be pretty sight but it is definitely quite hilarious.

The two featured anarchists go berserk when they spot the CNN bus begin to leave town on the day after the recall election. Anarchist Miles Kristan even attempts to keep the CNN bus from leaving by standing in front of it in the street. However, the truly great comedic reaction comes from the other anarchist, Kristine "Thistle" Pettersen, whom one wag nicknamed "Pippi Bongstocking." As a bonus, an extended video of Thistle has now been released which, as you can see, is chock full of comedy gold media withdrawal pains.

Above you have a brief glimpse of Thistle but the longer video below presents her in all her hilarious glory. A rant best described as an extended stream of conciousness primal scream.


Charles Henrickson posted a special Dummie FUnnies edition in which he transcribed Thistle's inadvertent comedy rant. Here are some of the highlights:

My problem with them last night is that they were calling it “Over,” in front of MY house, MY Capitol, in MY state! Who are these people?? They’re not even from Wisconsin! And they’re calling it “Over,” with a smile on their f***ing face! That is my problem with CNN.

Yes, media withdrawal syndrome can be quite painful. What a great tragedy! No longer the center of attention.

They try to destroy our organizing, and they do a good job of it!! And that’s why we’re pissed. And that’s why you can use that always as a weapon. Our anger is a weapon that you use. You know, “Oh, look at the ‘angry, violent protesters.’”

Oh, look at the "funny, hilarious protestors."

Who knows??? We’re f***ing working on paying rent and, and raising children, and. . . .You know, people--huh!--some people are gonna sing songs and, and pretend like it’s okay--that’s what those people are doing over there, um, to make them feel better. Other people are gonna get really angry. Um, it’s not like were “organized,” you know, and it’s not because anarchists are against organization. I am an anarchist, and I am in favor of organization.

Organized anarchists? Isn't that like saying sober drunks?

And may it be graceful and poetic and beautiful, so that all of the cops just take off of their riot suits, you know. There was this beautiful, um, chant in Chicago. I went down to Chicago to protest NATO, and there were riot cops in front of the mayor’s house. And they looked all mean and menacing, you know. And, and we all started dancing and saying, “Hey, hey!” Wait, what did we say? We said, “You’re sexy! You’re cute! Take off that riot suit! You’re sexy! You’re cute! Take off that riot suit!”

Here is Henrickson's reply to that chant:

You're screwy! You're spaced! You lost the recall race!

The good news for Thistle is that her performance days are not over despite the media exit from Wisconsin. I am sure I can talk my friend Jamie Masada, owner of the Laugh Factory on the Sunset Strip in Los Angeles, into booking Thistle into his club. However, I am sure he will want her to perform under the name of Pippi Bongstocking.

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