Russia Today 'American Spring' Documentary Features OWS Forger

It is ironic that one of the two guys who founded Google was originally from Russia because the Russia Today news channel producers should have checked that search engine before featuring a certain Justin Wedes in their "American Spring" documentary about the Occupy Wall Street protests. Had they done their homework they would have discovered that Wedes, described in their documentary as an "OWS Organizer, School Teacher" is in reality a FORMER school teacher.

And why is Justin Wedes a former school teacher? Because he was forced to quit his job last year as a Brooklyn school teacher when he was discovered forging signatures in an attempt to fraudulently scam several thousand dollars in government grant money.


Here is the New York Post report about Wedes' forgery scam:

A leader of Occupy Wall Street abruptly quit his job as a city public school teacher after getting caught red-handed falsifying time sheets, The Post has learned.

Former South Brooklyn Community HS science teacher Justin Wedes, who often rails against corporate greed and corruption, “cut and pasted’’ the signature of a supervisor onto his time sheets while applying for a national education grant, Special Schools Commissioner of Investigation Richard Condon found.

When confronted with his forgery, this is how the OWS sermonizer on Wall Street "corruption" reacted:

The paperwork was tied to a $4,725 AmeriCorps grant that Wedes, a second-year New York City teaching fellow, sought through the City University of New York. An official there who reviewed Wedes’ application said it looked like he had forged the signatures, the report said.

When Condon’s investigators first questioned Wedes about the allegation, he responded, “I don’t want to talk about it now.” He requested legal representation.

And here is how Wede's took "responsibility" for his forgery:

Shortly after being questioned by Condon’s probers, Wedes told a school official he forged the supervisor’s signature on the time sheets because he “probably would have signed them anyway,” the report said.

Although Wedes was given a choice between resigning or being fired, which is why he is now a FORMER school teacher, this hasn't prevented the OWS forger from blowing hot air about his favorite subject, himself, as you can see at the 7:55 mark in the Russia Today documentary:

I always used to think I was born in the wrong time. I should have been born in ancient Greece or the sixties or something. .....This is exactly the time that I'm supposed to live in. This is exactly the kind of work I want to be doing. Exactly the kind of interactions I want to be having with people. The kind of way I want to live my life.

By living your life as the kind of scam artist forger you want to be, Justin?

Although camera hog Wedes is ubiquitous throughout the documentary, another notorious narcissist makes a cameo appearance. Remember the over the top Drama Queen Edward Twitchell "Ted" Hall III? The trust fund baby appears at 17:30. He is a bit more low key in this documentary than we remember so here is a reminder of Hall in full Drama Queen mode:


A May Day general strike was mentioned several times during the documentary. Does everybody remember how that OWS action shut down this country? You don't? Perhaps that is because, unknown to the Russia Today producers, the OWS movement has pretty much fizzled out. My advice to Russia Today is to produce a documentary on a really happening movement called the Coffee Party. In fact their stirring theme song is "You Can't Stop A Movement." Check it out, Russia Today:


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