Taiwanese Animators Analyze Dueling Controversial Magazine Covers

The hard copy periodical industry is dying and about the only way they can boost sales is with incredibly controversial magazine covers. We saw a good example of this during the past week with Time featuring a mother breast feeding her son on the cover versus Newsweek declaring Obama, wearing a rainbow halo, as "The First Gay President." Have these magazines gone too far in their desperation for sales? This situation is analyzed in an incredibly humorous manner by the notorious Taiwanese animators who have developed quite a cult following with their funny take on the news.

They have produced an hilarious animation video about this situation called "Time vs Newsweek: provocative covers stir controversy." You can see the video below the fold but please be warned that it is somewhat risque. Oh, and another warning, the video is so burst out laughing funny that you risk soaking your computer monitor if you happen to be drinking coffee so please put your mug down before viewing.

Here is an analysis of this controversy from the Taiwanese animators:

Last week Time magazine's cover brought the breastfeeding and attachment parenting debate into the national spotlight. This week it was Newsweek's turn to stir up controversy, with its cover on the First Gay President.

Time magazine not only brought attention to the attachment parenting movement, it also inspired conversation on using provocative images and copy to revive the ailing print industry. Many critics are calling this issue a "stroke of genius" and "an example of print well done," including magazine expert Samir Husni.

Newsweek came out with its controversial copy and image combo just a few days later, with similar results. The cover featured a tight shot of President Obama with a rainbow-colored halo above his head.

Newsweek discussed Obama's "evolution" when it came to his support of same-sex marriage. It also raised the question of whether or not controversy overpowers quality.

Actually my only question is WHO are those two incredibly cute young Taiwanese women at the end of the video?

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