Lanny Breuer Fast & Furious Link Absurdly Absent From Wikipedia

H.R. Haldeman.

If you are familiar with that name, the first thing to pop into your mind would probably be Watergate.  And, indeed, the very first sentence of Haldeman's Wikipedia entry mentions that scandal.

Lanny Breuer.

For the folks who now know the name of the Assistant Attorney General for the DOJ Criminal Division, Operation Fast & Furious would come to mind right away. However, this scandal that Breuer is best known for is absent from his Wikipedia page.

If you search Google News for Lanny Breuer you get page after page with stories about his link to Operation Fast & Furious which makes the absence of this scandal from his Wikipedia page even more absurd. This isn't even a recent development due to Breuer's testimony on this topic before the Senate Judiciary Subcommittee on Crime and Terrorism yesterday. If you check Breuer's Wikipedia Discussion page, you will see this complaint about the lack of any Fast & Furious mention back in August.

Hello. A bit unhappy and also a bit sceptical as to the unbiassed bent of Wiki now. Breuer def needs a thorough section on his obvious involvement in Operation Fast & Furious. There are PLENTY of subjects on this website where suspicions of involvement are parsed and detailed. This page on Breuer should be no exception. When Americans are killed with guns the DEA gave to Mexican thugs, they should be able to know that.

Sorry, Wikipedia, but despite your cleansing of Lanny Breuer's page of any mention of Fast & Furious, this scandal will be inextricably linked to his name, now and forever...unto the end of time.

Now to check out the Wikipedia entry for John Wilkes Booth. I wonder if anything else is mentioned on his page besides the fact that he was a stage actor.

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