Networks Ignore OWS Comedy Gold

Your humble correspondent will be watching Saturday Night Live this evening with great interest. Why? Because despite the Occupy Wall Street protests taking place at Zuccotti Park just blocks away from the studio for over a month, SNL has had only one indirect sketch on that situation despite the overwhelming comedy gold being offered up. Yes, last week SNL had a sketch about Mayor Michael Bloomberg reacting to the OWS protests but it was more of a dig at the mayor than anything else.

What makes this really strange is that OWS protests are constantly delivering up an hilarious comedy harvest whether it is the creepy "human echo" at the Occupy Atlanta Protest which kept Congressman John Lewis from speaking or trust fund baby Edward T. Hall III performing a Drama Queen denunciation of wealthy Wall Street yacht owners.

These inadvertent comedy videos are quite easy to find on YouTube such as this video (also seen below the fold) posted this morning by the appropriately self-named "f---edupchuck" whom, for reasons of delicacy, I shall refer to as "upchuck."

One positive thing to say about "upchuck" is that he has enough fashion sensibility to know that when you loudly curse out capitalism, a pair of designer Ray Ban Classic Aviator sunglasses, which sell for $139 at Neiman Marcus, is an obligatory eyewear accessory. Also note the many OWS souvenir vendors at Zuccotti Park, one of whom attempted to sell a $10 pin to upchuck. When you are done counting the number of new North Face parkas in that "anti-capitalist" crowd stand by for some incredible comedy gold at the 3:30 mark when upchuck delivers a command perfomance of his OWS dance.

So while SNL continues rehashing GOP Presidential Debate skits, the real comedy can be found on YouTube provided by many of the OWS protesters themselves. They may be ignored by the networks but to the folks online, the OWS protests are a treasure trove of YouTube comedy.

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