Reuters Takes Administration Line by Describing Fast & Furious Twice as 'Botched' Operation

Reuters appears to have taken the side of the Obama Administration in the Operation Fast & Furious scandal in which guns were permitted by the Bureau of Alcohol Firearms Tobacco and Explosives  to be "walked" across the Mexican border via the sale to straw buyers. The Department of Justice has portrayed this as a mere "botched" operation in which "mistakes" were made rather than the result of malignant intent. And if you read this Reuters article about Attorney General Eric Holder's attempt to distance himself from what has been dubbed "Operation Gunwalker" they go out of their way to emphasize the "botched" nature of the operation which has been the administration line on this matter:

(Reuters) - Attorney General Eric Holder on Wednesday sought to distance himself and other senior Justice Department officials from a botched operation to track guns smuggled to Mexican drug cartels, saying they were not involved.

In case you didn't get the point the first time, Reuters repeated it again for emphasis:

The botched operation already has claimed the jobs of Ken Melson, acting director of the ATF, who was transferred to another Justice Department job, and the U.S. Attorney for Arizona, Dennis Burke, who resigned abruptly last week.

Of course, if you rely on Mainstream Media sources like Reuters you would be unaware that this "botched" operation was also coincidentally "botched" from other widespread locations such as Houston, Tampa, and even in Indiana. The latter revelation about gun purchases being allowed by the BATF to straw buyers in Indiana was broken by David Codrea, the Gun Rights Examiner at Examiner.Com. Unfortunately, since the MSM has only reluctantly covered select portions of the growing Fast & Furious scandal, these latest developments are unknown to much of the public despite the fact that this information is already all over the web with Codrea leading the way in coverage including detailed documentation.

Codrea himself is highly critical of the MSM coverage, or rather non-coverage, of this scandal:

Documentation presented exclusively in this column on Monday about an Indiana gun dealer cooperating with ATF on straw purchases--and then being told guns were being traced from crime scenes--has gone completely unreported by every major newspaper and television network, including those in the Hoosier state.

A Google “news” search shows the mass media press has ignored the story, despite efforts made by this reporter, Mike Vanderboegh of Sipsey Street Irregulars, and a handful of supportive readers to elicit their attention and interest.

...It should be evident that had the mainstream press been relied on to do their jobs as government watchdogs, the Project Gunwalker story would not be where it is today--if anywhere at all. But it’s also been thoroughly documented that attracting the attention of media and government was like pulling teeth, and required no small amount of banging pots and pans to where the noise could no longer be ignored.

The MSM might be avoiding the vast scale and details of this Fast & Furious scandal but many who read the Web regularly are fully aware of the latest information thanks to the groundbreaking work of people such as David Codrea and others.

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