DUers Go Berserk Over Wis. Vote, But Produce Memorable Quote

"I'd almost be willing to get a job in order to participate in A NATIONAL GENERAL STRIKE."

As was to be expected the folks at the Democratic Underground went Drama Queen berserk the moment they heard the news about the Wisconsin senate voting to restrict collective bargaining by public employee unions. One general theme of their anger was some sort of statewide or even national general strike by workers in order to protest the senate's action. And out of all the anger came perhaps the perfect comedy gem of a quote above produced by DUer ProudDad which perfectly expressed in an inadvertently hilarious way the mental attitude that pervades much of the left. There were also many other quotes demonstrating the sad mental state of the left in that same DU thread:

I just got this flash. I cannot believe this. I am in shock, feel sick to my stomach, the hairs on my arms are standing up.


This is it folks. GENERAL STRIKE! Let's show these rats who runs this country, big business, or WE THE PEOPLE!

I feel sick too. And shaky. And i just got off the phone with my mother whose last words were, "I'm with Gov. Walker"

You can find a more detailed collection of DUer reactions to the Wisconsin senate's vote at the DUmmie FUnnies. However, that first quote is so memorable that it deserves an encore performance so prepare for yet another bellylaugh:

“I’d almost be willing to get a job in order to participate in A NATIONAL GENERAL STRIKE.”

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