Joliet Herald-News Ignores Story of Demonstrators With Nazi Signs From Local Congresswoman's Campaign Office

Joliet, Illinois must be a community absolutely bursting with newsworthy events. Why? Because the Herald-News newspaper in that city was (conveniently) unable to cover a local news story that has become a sizzling hot topic in the blogosphere. All one has to do is enter the name of the Illinois 11th Congressional District Congresswoman, Debbie Halvorson, into Google Blog Search and you will get results chock full of a shocking incident a few days ago, including this video. The Frugal Café Blog Zone, which is but one of many sites covering this, explains:

Would MSNBC or CNN have featured this shocking story if the vile protesters at the Nazi-themed protest were CONSERVATIVES or REPUBLICANS or if left-wing extremists had dressed up like Nazis and crashed a tea party posing as conservatives or Republicans? Why do you even ask? Of course they would.

When interviewed in the video below, these anti-conservative protesters in Joliet, outside Chicago — proudly carrying Nazi-esque signs slamming GOP congressional opponent Adam Kinzinger and other well-known conservatives, like Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin — denied several times being there in support of, or affiliated with, Democrat Rep. Debbie Halvorson. Congresswoman Halvorson is running against Kinzinger in the November election.

...Much later, these bogus grassroots protesters were videotaped returning to the congresswoman’s campaign office in the dark of night. Obviously, they’re part of the liberal congresswoman’s camp. Unless Halvorson had NO IDEA that these left-wing extremist folks had her campaign office keys and gained access to her office. They look pretty darned cozy in there in the video with Julie Merz, Halvorson’s campaign manager.

Many prominent blogs are now covering this shocking story of dirty campaign tactics including InstaPundit, Riehl World View, and The Other McCain. What will it take to get the Herald-News to cover this unfolding story in its own backyard of Joliet? A banner headline at the top of the Drudge Report linking to the video of the demonstrators with the Nazi themed signs returning home to the Debbie Halvorson campaign headquarters?

Meanwhile a sampling of headlines in the current edition of the Herald-News that they found to be more important than this local political scandal that has heated up the blogosphere:

Joliet couple power up for solar energy

Yorkville swears in first deputy chiefs

Plan set to spend proposed taxes

USF to honor alumni at homecoming event

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